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Sunday, January 5, 2020

What we think is right in pregnancy is wrong!

1) smoking during pregnancy, regardless of the amount of damage to the baby. As the number of cigarettes smoked daily increases, the risk of unusual situations such as smoking-related low birth weight babies increases. Therefore, when you plan to become pregnant or at the latest, you should stop smoking from the moment you learn that you are pregnant.

2) during pregnancy, there is no harm in going to the dentist for routine checkups. For the treatment of problems, appropriate medication can be started for pregnancy and tooth extraction can be done.

What's wrong with pregnancy?
Dental treatment can be continued during pregnancy
One of the controls, if the dentist needs to make an intervention, this intervention is preferred to be done after the first 3-month period has passed. However, if there is a condition such as abscess treatment, it becomes an emergency and must be treated quickly.

3)" the mother's candidate to start eating for 2 people after being pregnant is a faulty nutritional behavior, " warned Dr. "This habit can lead to unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy, along with distortions in the sugar mechanism, inactivity due to increased weight and risk of clots, and a number of diseases such as blood pressure changes," Pinar Kadyroğulları explains. The expectant mother should gain only 9-16 pounds during pregnancy. Food quality and eating patterns are also very important. He should eat well and move at the same time so that he does not gain much weight."

4) Today, in some problems such as nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, upper respiratory and urinary tract infection and stomach complaints, many drugs that have been found to have no negative effect on the baby can be used safely. However, especially the first 3 months of development of the baby's organs and the last 4 weeks near the birth of the baby due to the period of drug use in these processes need to be careful. Taking all medications during pregnancy on the advice of the doctor is of great importance for the health of the mother and baby.

5) Dr. Pinar Kadyroğullu warns that staying still in pregnancy poses a risk to the life of both the mother and the baby, "staying still during pregnancy will make it difficult for the muscles to be lazy.

For this reason, regular sports mothers can get through the birth process much easier. During pregnancy, heavy and difficult sports should not be performed, but regular swimming, light exercise, especially walking should not be neglected."

6) Obstetrics and gynecology specialist Dr. Pınar Kadyroğulları, contrary to popular belief that it is not objectionable to travel during pregnancy, says the following information: "however, short distances, no more than 2 hours by car travel and if possible plane travel should be preferred. It's healthier to travel by plane than by car or bus.Because travel time will be shorter, there is a reduced risk of increased clots due to being sedentary for a long time in bus and car trips. Unless there is a risk of preterm birth or miscarriage, the expectant mother is 36. he could be on a plane by next week."

7) Obstetrics and gynecology specialist Dr. Contrary to popular belief in society, in pregnancy, sexual intercourse does not harm the baby, created by mechanical effect of the secretion of certain substances from the cervix by providing birth easier said, "only if the mother candidate is at risk of miscarriage and premature birth, sexual life is restricted. Therefore, this risk does not carry the pregnant, as long as comfortable, until the last week of sexual intercourse is not a problem," he says.

What's wrong with pregnancy?
Sports during pregnancy are gaining less weight
8) " The Sugar loading test does not harm the mother or the baby. More of the sugar taken into the body by the sugar loading test is consumed by pregnant women with snacks during the day. Essentially undiagnosed diabetes is harmful, " said Dr. Pinar Kadyroğulları gives the following information: "diabetes, which cannot be controlled because we cannot diagnose, can lead to many adverse events, from serious anomalies in the baby's heart to sudden death in the womb. 24-28 of pregnancy if there are no additional risk factors in the early weeks of pregnancy determined for the mother candidate, according to the risk scale that the doctor will remove individually. sugar screening is required between Weeks"

9) the greatest danger of cats, especially cats taken out on the street, is that some of them have a parasite called Toxoplasma in their feces, which can lead to serious conditions when it causes infection in the unborn baby. Although this parasite is rare in house cats, as a precaution you can have someone else change your cat's stool container because the parasite is infected with the cat's feces. It's okay to love the cat and touch it. The biggest danger of Dogs is that they can cause cysts called" Dog cysts", which are also created by a parasite and often have liver placement. Although the infection is not expected to have a negative effect on the baby when this infection is passed during pregnancy, it is still beneficial for someone else to take care of your dog.

10) Your Radio carries risks for pregnant women. However, X-Ray devices do not contain radiation, so there is no harm in passing through these devices. In addition, the dose of radiation taken during lung film is very low, which is a reliable method.Therefore, if there is a vital necessity, lung film can be taken because of the low level of radiation it contains.

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