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Monday, January 13, 2020

Good news from scientists! now they can treat cancer in 1 second.

scientists have explained how cancer can be treated in less than 1 second. Scientists who conducted a new study have developed a method to treat cancer. However, more research is needed to use this method on patients.

Scientists from the Abramson Oncology Center at the University of Pennsylvania confirmed the effectiveness of proton radiation therapy, in which the entire treatment process takes less than 1 second.

The comparative study by the Center concluded that flash therapy reduced the side effect by about two-thirds compared to photon radiation therapy. More importantly, it was found that the recovery rates of patients receiving two separate treatments remained virtually the same, although the risk of side effects was reduced.


One of the highlights of this study is that weeks of cancer treatment can be reduced to 1 second. According to scientists, this is an incredible development, considering that time is extremely valuable to cancer patients.

The researchers, who said doing this study was not easy, explained that they first had to develop special sensors to accurately measure radiation doses. More research is needed for this method to be used on patients.

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