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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

conscious drug use improves, unconscious drug use makes more patients.

Rational drug use is defined as the application of the drug at the appropriate dose and for the appropriate duration after the diagnosis is made according to the clinical findings and individual characteristics of the patients. 

Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, who pointed out that if the drugs, especially antibiotics, are not used in the right way, at the right dose and time, the body may suffer damage, unexpected diseases and side effects may occur. Aslı Karadeniz, faculty member, explained the negativity that can be experienced as follows::

"Excessive and unnecessary drug use may have undesirable effects. Allergic reactions may occur, liver and kidney failure may occur, different drug interactions, side effects may occur. To prevent the negative effects of excessive, unnecessary and incorrect drug use, you should use the drug at the right time and manner with the advice of your doctor. Even if there are side effects, the patient will be under control."


"For example, those who have a lot of pain should take into account the doctor's advice about which medication to use, how to use it, and when to use it. The doctor should give the information. Thus, this information also prevents the neighbor from giving a digestive system drug to the neighbor instead of painkillers. The drugs must be taken by a doctor., "he said.

Doctor of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, rational drug use, patients should pay attention to the situations, he said:

"He should use the drug in the right way, at the right time intervals, at the right dose and uninterrupted for the specified period of time. He shouldn't stop the medication on his own when he feels good. If he doesn't benefit from the medication, he should notify his doctor. He must make evocative arrangements to think that he can forget the medicine in contemplation. He should not forget that the medicine that is good for his neighbor can harm him."


Cold and flu treatment mostly at home rest, plenty of liquid consumption and simple drugs can be passed to express the Black Sea unconscious drug use of the disease control is difficult reported. Black Sea, flu infections given drugs should not be used uncontrolled attention, vitamins should not be taken without the advice of a doctor warned.

Flu treatment of antibiotics will not be used with emphasis on the Black Sea, the following assessments found:

"Antibiotic use is a serious problem. Misuse of antibiotics causes flu and diarrhea. The flu does not require antibiotics, but if there is a bacterial infection after the flu, we can see that it is used. If the flu infection does not pass, if the clinical picture worsens while you are recovering, if fever, cough, sputum, dark-Yesil-green discharge starts after a few days, the bacteria is suspected and if necessary, antibiotics are given. Unnecessary antibiotic use is not only harmful to the patient but also to society. Because resistance is evolving. And after a while, that antibiotic becomes useless in those infections. It spoils our flora. You have the balance of those bacteria in your body. Antibiotics can cause diarrhea in a single dose. The expectation of antibiotics in Viral infections is not the right thing to do."

The correct antibiotic use should always be under the control of the doctor, according to the doctor. Black Sea, for example, respiratory infections in a box written in the second box may be necessary, the doctor will decide the appropriate time for each disease underlined. Karadeniz stressed that if the drug is left early, the disease may recur and resistant infection may occur.


Karadeniz also said that some patients have never used or interrupted the drug on their own initiative. Karadeniz, " pneumonia patient written to him antibiotic for various reasons such as the side effects of the use of, worsening the table requiring intensive care may return, again the patient 'makes me bad' saying the blood pressure medication when left, after a few days may have a stroke or brain hemorrhage. The patient should not cut his medication himself. Should he experience any unwanted effects or do not benefit from the medication, he should consult his doctor. Patients shouldn't fall for that."description found.

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