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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

5 important warnings for scabies!

Mange disease, which manifests itself with night itch, is transmitted from person to person in a very short time, negatively affecting the comfort of life. The proper amount of medication is needed to treat scabies, which spread very rapidly in places where children are in bulk, such as school and nursery. Memorial Kayseri Hospital Department of Child Health and diseases uz. Dr. Melahat Yeni made the following statements about scabies disease;

Incubation period 2-3 weeks

"Scabious disease caused by the mite (insect) called ‘sarcoptes scabei’, which is invisible and can be identified under a microscope, occurs by spreading to the entire skin. The incubation period of scabies, which is estimated to have affected about 300 million people since the disease was known to date, is 2-3 weeks. The scabby beetle, which proceeds by opening tunnels in the skin, is transmitted to humans by close and direct contact. In general, the insect caused by the disease transmitted in a period of 15-20 minutes, commonly used clothes and towels, such as to take up space for itself. It takes 2-6 weeks for the symptoms to appear in the infected person. But in those who have seen scabies before, symptoms usually occur within 1-4 days as the disease is transmitted for a second time"

The most important symptom is itching

The most important symptom of scabies is a severe itching that begins at night. New said: "the itching, which starts with the body warming up, especially after children have gone to bed, is severe enough to wake them from sleep. Itching is milder during the day. Itching in children, between the fingers of the hand, the inner face of the wrist, between the hips and chest, armpits, groin and elbows begins, over time spread throughout the body. The most important symptom of the disease is the formation of a wavy and dirty line between the fingers. The grey-colored lines that the scabby Beetle advances by opening channels reach 1-10 millimeters in length. At night, due to increased itching and skin rash, fluid-filled sacs form over time," he said.

To prevent scabies from spreading…

Dr. New scabies disease to avoid the need to be done in Article 5 stated;

Close contact with scabies should be avoided and their belongings should not be used.
Mites caused by scabies do not disappear without proper medication. The treatment should be completed at the appropriate dose and time.
The clothes, sheets and towels used by the mange patient at home should be washed in 60 degrees water and the sheets and linens should be ventilated frequently.
Carpets and floors should be swept with a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner.
Especially children should wash their hands with soap at frequent intervals.
Can be controlled with drug treatment

"There are many drug options in the world that have been used against scabies for 30 years," said Dr. New, " drugs are often in the form of oral pills, lotion or cream. Drugs with different active substances should also be evaluated in terms of their toxicity and should be used in the appropriate shape and time for children and adults and patients during pregnancy."

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