REASONS FOR GETTING SKIN FUNGUS AND HOW TO PREVENT IT #beauty #beautytips #beautyhacks #beautyDIY #DIY #homemade #skin #skincare #skincaretips #skincarehacks #darkspots #facecare #face #mask #haircare - HEALTYMON - healty exercise

Friday, August 2, 2019

REASONS FOR GETTING SKIN FUNGUS AND HOW TO PREVENT IT #beauty #beautytips #beautyhacks #beautyDIY #DIY #homemade #skin #skincare #skincaretips #skincarehacks #darkspots #facecare #face #mask #haircare

How many types of skin Matar are there?

Kerion fungus: Kerion fungus is manifested by collecting water during the healing phase. People who deal with DHA animals are more likely to have kerion skin fungus.

Anular skin fungus: the most common type of fungus among fungal species is anular skin fungus. It reminds me of the same ring and spreads out to other areas. This type of fungus is very bulky and occurs in red.

Tinea Versicolor skin fungus: a fungus called tinea versicolor is seen in people who have sweat problems and sweat excessive. The complaints caused by this fungus are red blisters in the arm, leg or waist area.

When does skin fungus occur?

- Adolescence period

- Hand and feet are always exposed to the people who remain wet .  Hands and feet must be washed to the end.

- Those who have excessive sweat problem are at a very high risk of becoming skin fungus.

- Those who wear tight shoes are at a very high risk of foot fungus. It is important for your foot health to have plenty of time while choosing shoes. To avoid the formation of strenuous shoes should not be preferred.

- Those with weakened immune system risk of skin fungus is very high .  The immune system is a system that fights infections from the outside of the body. When this system is weakened, the fungus virus enters the body and skin fungus occurs.

That you can do to get rid of skin fungus at home solution


Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory drug) properties. It is believed that a component of turmeric called Curcumin has anti-microbial properties (which causes the death of microorganisms).

How to use: direct use of turmeric will be more effective on fungal infections.
Mix with water or coconut oil and apply the paste to the infected area.
Allow it to soak for as long as possible before rinsing.

Note: turmeric can cause your skin to look yellow, but do not worry because it will disappear in a few days.

*Apple cider vinegar

The anti-fungal properties of apple vinegar can help remove the fungus's itching. The content contained in the filtered apple vinegar regulates yeast growth by neutralizing the PH.

How to use: dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply to the affected area. Repeat the process 3 times a day.

If you are going to go out or you are sweating an infection, rinse after 15 minutes.   

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