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Essential oils have much more features than helping your home and even your bathroom smell nice. These oils, which have a high density, are obtained from flowers, spices and herbs and also have certain properties.

We have listed the oils of 9 wonderful plants because they want natural essential oils instead of synthetic and chemical-filled alternatives.

1. Lavender
Lavender oil, which is a great relaxing beyond its great smell, is perfect for those who have sleep problems and headaches.

Lavender oil, which is also good for skin redness, is here as a germ killer to remove burns and cuts. For more smelling laundry, instead of softener, you need a few drops of lavender in your own dishwashing detergent.

2. Carnation
Clove oil has been used for centuries, with the eugonal contained it has to have a strong germicidal and painkiller property.

By mixing clove oil with water and spraying it to the house, you will make your house smell good and also kill the cleaners in the house.

One dripping dish is added to your dishwasher and clove oil disinfecting your plates and forks so that another one can clean a lamb. Add 10 drops of clove oil to 100 ml of water and spray the mold, wait for 1 hour and wipe with a cloth. This much

3. Mint
Peppermint oil, which is famous for giving you direct comfort when you smell it, can also be used in both cleaning and cooking.

A drop of peppermint oil in a glass of water is good for stomach pain and bowel disorders and can digest.

4. Tea Tree Oil
Glass dropper filled with herbal extract, aromatherapy oil, homeopathic medicine or other liquid.

Great benefits for your pure skin Your pure skin is good for your skin, your skin, your skin, redness and even herpes.

Tea tree oil, which is also good against fungus, can be added to your shampoo by mixing with small doses of water and you can fight against lice. Oh, don't let him see you, but watch out!

5. Lemon
Lemon oil, which contains a component called Limonene, is the choice of those who love freshness.

As in lavender, lemon oil can be added to your detergent and your cleaning power can be extended and the table and benches can be disinfected.

6. Eucalyptus
Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-contractions and breath-opening properties are essential for eucalyptus essential oils.

If you need to keep your nose clogged with a few drops of eucalyptus by mixing with hot water makes a mouthwash away from chemical chemicals.

7. Daily Tree Oil
Frenkincense, or known as frankincense, is recommended for those suffering from stress and anxiety. This limbic structure of the brain can be used as a natural pain reliever, thus relaxing the nervous system.

A few drops you can add to a warm bath will help to relax your muscles and reduce cramps.

8. Thyme Oil
If you're still using thyme oil, now's the time. Thyme oil's natural germicidal, antibiotic and fungicidal properties will make it your most powerful weapon against the common cold.

At the same time we are waiting for intestinal parasites by dropping a drop of oregano oil filled with antioxidants into a glass of water.

9. Daisy
Chamomile oil, which attracts attention with its calming properties, calms down your nervous system by running fast and calms your feelings such as anxiety and stress. Cocktail by sucking this oil a few times before falling asleep without paying attention to those who have asthma.

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