Tuesday, August 13, 2019


1. All the women she cares about are on the woman she loves.
Even in a crowded environment, she's all over the woman she loves. He never takes his eyes off her when he's talking and listening to her. He carefully examines all the gestures and mimics of the woman he loves, the changes in the tone of his voice.

2. Want to see constantly
He can't get enough of the dates and wants to see the woman he loves all the time. The weekend meetings are not enough for him, he wants to meet at school or work out, if possible at lunch.

3. Spends hours in front of the mirror
He is self-controlled,takes care of his outer appearance more than ever. It is more important for her to have her hair look good, her skin is flawless, her teeth are white. Brush your teeth more often, sports, and spend hours trying to keep your hair as it likes.

4. Would be altruistic
He wants the woman he loved, does not shy away from doing the things he loves, on the contrary, too. She compromises herself for the woman she loves. He may be interested in something that doesn't have the ability, or he may go on a trip that shouldn't be. She doesn't know how to cook, but she can make a romantic dinner for the woman she loves.

5. Takes care of being respectful and honest.
The usual patriarchal structure is not effective for a man in love. She respects him because the thoughts and feelings of the woman she loves are important to her.

6. Romantic
The feelings of the man in love at the top turn him into a more romantic person. To make the woman she loves Happy is an impulse that she can't prevent and does not plan. When he can't be with him, he can send messages expressing his love, receive surprise gifts or plan activities that will be happy.

7. Protector
The woman he loves becomes both family and friends and lovers. He tries to get into his troubles. He wants to protect the woman he loves from the people he can harm. She's the biggest supporter of all her troubles.

8. Trying to build a common future
The man who's in Love thinks he's found the woman he's gonna spend the rest of his life with. Now she wants to have that woman with her every step of the way. He can't stand the idea of living apart from him. The first goal is to live together now.

9. Doesn't forget the important details
For a man in love, dates are really important, never forget. It can affect the woman she loves with personal details. She can wear a shirt in her favorite color, take it to a restaurant where she has the food she likes, and open the songs she likes when she goes in the car. It is completely inseparable when you keep all these details in mind and display them.     

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