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Thursday, August 8, 2019

7 Gentle Yoga Inversions to Boost Your Metabolism

The first of the yoga movements that accelerate metabolism is spring movement. In this movement, the organs in the abdomen carry the body weight and provide more blood flow to these organs.

Spring movement that accelerates metabolism also facilitates digestion and the elimination of toxins from the body. It also helps combat stress and fatigue, strengthens the abdominal and back muscles.

Lie down. Spread your feet wide. Put your chin on the floor and stretch your arms down.
Breathe. Bend your knees and try to hold your ankles with your hands.
Lift your chest slowly and try to pull your legs back.
Your face should face.
Stop this way for 15-20 seconds. Breathe deeply.
Exhale and slowly lower your wrists and chest to the ground.
Repeat this movement 8-10 times.
Standing on the shoulder is known as the queen of all asanas. In this movement, the whole world turns upside down and stubborn muscles begin to work. During this movement, the blood goes to the upper body, providing a good flow of oxygen to the heart and brain. In addition, this movement nourishes the thyroid gland has become one of the yoga movements that accelerate metabolism.

It is recommended to do this yoga movement either as soon as you get up in the morning or 4-6 hours after meals. What is important when doing this yoga movement is that the stomach and intestines are empty.

Start by lying down on your back.
Spread your legs together. Stretch your hands down.
Raise your legs, hips and back. In the meantime, support the lower body with your elbows and stand on your shoulders with your feet facing the ceiling.
Use your hands to support your back and stay in this position for a few seconds. In the meantime, take a deep breath. Do not place body weight on the head and neck.
Then slowly lower your knees and put your hands on the floor.
Lie down. Wait a few seconds and repeat the movement.
Caution: This movement will make you more comfortable to put a blanket underneath.

This powerful standing balance pose helps strengthen immunity as well as being among yoga movements that accelerate metabolism.

In tree pose, all the muscles in the legs work, balance and calmness are provided. It is also good for focus, concentration and coordination.

Stand with your legs spreading shoulder wide.
Your spine and neck should be straight and your head should be upright.
Gently lift your right foot and place it on your left hip.
Keep your left leg straight and balance on one leg.
Breathe in and raise your hands over your head.
Wait 10-20 seconds in this way.
Breathe in. Gently lower your hands and release your right leg.
Repeat this movement with your other foot.
You can repeat this movement 10-12 times.

One of the yoga movements that accelerate metabolism is the boat pose, also known as Navasana. Boat movement makes the abdominal muscles work strongly, facilitating digestion and thus accelerating metabolism. Even the movement of the boat helps melt stubborn belly fat
Bend your knees. Sit with your feet on the floor, your hands next to your hips and your fingers pointing towards your feet.
Breathe. Expand your spine and sit on your hips by gently pushing yourself backwards.
Continue to breathe deeply, lift your feet off the floor and stretch your legs.
Extend your arms forward so that they are parallel to the ground.
Wait a few seconds in this position.
V-stop 4-5 breaths to stop.
Breathe in. Bend your knees and join them together.
Breathe, straighten your spine and put your forehead to your knees.
Take a few breaths like this.
Raise your head, exhale and squat.
You can repeat these steps 3-5 times.


Bridge movement stimulates the abdominal organs and thyroid gland to facilitate digestion and accelerate metabolism. This movement makes you feel more energetic by accelerating blood circulation. Strengthens the bones.

Lie on your back.
Bend your knees. Open your feet at the hip width and press the ground.
Keep your hands on both sides. Turn your palms to the ground.
Breathe. Lift your hips off the floor. Get your feet on the ground.
Gently lift your upper body with your hips, giving your body weight to your shoulders.
Wait 30-60 seconds in this way.
Exhale and slowly return to the starting position.

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