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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

3-Minute Workout Before Sleep To Slim Down Your Legs

The leg area is one of the most difficult thinning areas during exercise. But thanks to the exercises developed by an American athlete trainer, you can make your legs thin. 3 minutes of these exercises before you go to sleep will be enough. Here are the movements that thin the legs...

Upper calf thinning exercise
You can do this exercise in your bed when you wake up or before you sleep. If you practice the exercise for 3 minutes each day, you will benefit. So, how to do exercise that tapers the upper calf?  Stand with your arms touching the bed while lying on your back. Plant your legs in the air at a 90 degree angle. Don't bend your knees when applying this 90-degree angle.

Try to keep your toes pointed up, too. Now, in turn, break your knees and get back to your old self. Be careful not to lose your balance. You can apply it 10 times for each leg. You can tell if you're doing the right thing because your muscles don't burn. Try to stand upright for 5 seconds at a 90 degree angle before bending your knees.

How do you thin your hip? Act one:

You can thin the bottom of your hip with 2 movements. 1.in the act, you lie on your back, again with your hands touching the bed. You then sew your legs up at a 90-degree angle, but unlike the first exercise, you don't need to sew your feet up. Your feet can stand on the ground. We can go through the process of breaking our knees while maintaining our position, we break our knees and make sure that your toes are facing in your body. 10 repetitions is enough for each leg.

The second movement:

In the second movement, the exercise is a little different, in which case lie on your back and touch your arms on the bed. Then lift your legs and try to bend your knees a little. Lift and lower your legs together 20 times, lifting your hips slightly. Make sure your hips get up with your legs too, but your waist should not play. You can understand that you are doing the movement right by feeling the burning in your calves.

How does the inside of the upper calf thin out?
Lie on your back, sew your legs into the air and bring your right leg above your left leg. It's very important that your 2 legs are stretched as well. You have to open your knees sideways while your legs are on top. After opening, sew it into the air again in the same position. The important thing in this movement is that your legs are stretched. You can end the movement by doing 10 repetitions while your right leg is at the top and 10 repetitions when your left leg is at the top.

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