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Thursday, July 11, 2019

10 Simple Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals to Start This Weekend

If you sleep long enough, the night will take care of you
In order to repair the body and maintain hormonal balances, Ayurvedic Leisure says that the hours of sleep must be equal to the night, and that the body needs it. Tsaraka says he is” the caretaker of every living being who sleeps at night." I interpret this as, “if you sleep enough, the night will look at you.”

Sometimes I'd like to “sleep on it” before deciding something, as the British do. You know, when we talk about digestion, we say that if you really sleep enough, you'll look at you at night and digest it... not just what we eat, but what we live in, what we think and what we see. So it allows us to make decisions with a clean mind.

Whether it's night or day, an eight-hour sleep can't be equally beneficial. I would like to underline that daytime sleepiness will create laziness by increasing Kapha. That's exactly why we say “I'm a jerk” after daytime sleepiness.

As the daily routine begins before the sun, basic life functions also begin. Ayurveda, which says it would be unhealthy to start the day without purification, has set out a series of rituals for morning purification:

Bowel emptying
Face wash
Language clearing
Tooth brushing
Drinking water
A light oil massage
Breathing exercise
Light breakfast
Regulate your daily routine and health with Ayurveda

You have an hour and a half to do all this because you should also make your breakfast before sunrise and start the day with Sunrise. The reason for your intensity this morning is that your body, which works at night, gets into the form where it can expel toxins during repair, maintenance and renovation. In the morning you start the day with a body that is free with this routine.