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Monday, July 8, 2019

10 Minute Express Barre Workout

Only 4 Weeks, 10 Minutes A Day: 7 Exercises That Will Get Your Body In Shape!

1. Plank

From work to home, from home to work... When you get the opportunity to follow the series, kitchen preoccupation, eh sleep is possible when you say go to the sport!?

As a matter of fact, of course it's possible! All these people do; they prioritise Sport, Exercise in their lives. As an indisputable element of the day, they go to fitness halls, do their Sports, take their showers, move on with their lives. If you are too busy to do this, do not want to devote money to gyms, or if you are cold from the top, we will offer you a number of exercises and programs. Because keeping your body fit, no matter what, is very important to both your body health and your mental health!

Our first exercise is a movement that has become an internet phenomenon in an occasional pointless place: Plank. Our movement is as we see it in the same picture: you will put your elbows on the ground so that your arm is perpendicular to your body. Your feet will have given the force to your fingertips. The most important part of this movement is that your body can stand tall. You will not let your belly fall down, you will not break your knees, nor you will bend your waist.

Let's see how many minutes you can take. :)
(Our exercise plan, which includes how many minutes to last, comes soon too)

2. Exam

Let's continue with the movement we've been trying to make, which we've known since our early ages, when we faced any Rocky movie on television! We say," what we're trying to do, " because we're actually doing a lot of wrong push-ups... Right and your starting position for a push-up that benefits, not harms, our body health should be the position we describe in plank. Another point to note is that you try to act as slowly as possible while you push yourself up!

If you do it right, push-ups work your abdominal muscles, arms, back and hips at the same time as the plank.

3. For your hips and lower muscles;

This is our movement; extend your arm and leg in opposite directions without disrupting your body's steepness and tension, then move on to the other opposite pair.

4. Squat

Squat actually means squatting:) of course, when we hit the work exercise, squatting also has a set of rules, the right construction:

Open your feet at shoulder level, make sure that your feet are completely on the ground, not rising from the heels. Then squat as if sitting slowly on an imaginary chair, squatting until your basens and soles of your feet are completely parallel to the ground. Then rise slowly.

This movement is difficult, but make sure you keep your balance!

5. Abdominal muscles continue to exercise:

Yes, that's actually the version of the exercise we mentioned in Article Three that you're lying on your back. Of course, with this change of position, this time instead of your hips are running your abdominal muscles.

6. For your abdominal muscles and hips;

In this movement, you should try to bring your knee and nose as close as possible. The easy part of it is to get your knee down from the top, only to re-up, to the steepest position will force you a little bit, let me know. ;)

7. Waist exercise

The lady in the picture used a weight ball, of course, you can use one of the heavy vases in the house with care :) remember to put your back against the wall while doing this exercise that will shape your waist, otherwise the weight will ride dangerously on your waist, causing unwanted back pains...

So our exercise.

Let's go to the recipe;

First week, every day;

Take 2 minutes to plank. 1 minute push-ups. After 1 minute of all the remaining exercises, plank for another 2 minutes. Take a 10-second break from each workout.

We have two separate sets for the second week, split these sets evenly into the days of the week;
First set: start with 3 minutes plank. Take three minutes for exercises in the third and fifth items. Rest for 15 seconds between each workout.

Second set: start with a 3-minute waist workout. After 3 minutes of push-ups, take the last three minutes into the sixth. Again, remember to take a 15-second break from each workout.

Repeat the exercises of the first week in the third week and the exercises of the second week in the fourth week. You won't believe the result you see in the mirror at the end of 4 weeks!