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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Workouts to Build a Round Booty and Toned Legs

Favorite 7 exercises for the Brazilian butt
We're going to use 1 kg weights for this exercise. You can also use higher weights if it is appropriate for you. Using weight increases the effect of exercise, so we burn more fat. However, I suggest that you do not push yourself too hard, be careful about injuries. We've got weights, we're standing straight. We breathe, and we descend like we're sitting in an imaginary chair. We get down enough to touch the hip to the chair and breathe again. We're not getting on our knees. The whole load is in our hip. There's no blood pressure at all. We lift our arms at the same time as we get up with weights. Squat is one of the first exercises that comes to mind when it comes to round and curved hips. We'll repeat 10 times.

We're lying down. We're still in position. Our hands are on the pubic area. Our feet are on the ground. We're squeezing the hip. We breathe and lift the hips slightly up. The hip is still tight. We breathe and raise our right leg up in table position while we exhale. We breathe again and this time we raise our legs straight up while we breathe. We're breathing and dropping the leg and going back to the starting position. We'll repeat the movement for both legs. This exercise, which runs and tightens the hips, also reduces and tightens the legs. We'll repeat 6 times.

We're taking our Pilates circle between our thighs. Here, the whole leg of the hip, especially above the knee comes into play. We breathe, we squeeze the circle with our knees while we exhale. It's a great exercise that runs the hip and the upper leg. Then we take the circle between our ankles. As we exhale, we push it down with our feet as if we wanted to close the circle. This exercise runs all the legs and hardens. The hollow leg is effective against softening of the inner leg.

Your wife is inside, the ribs are closed. The circle stands close to our knee, but it's not right next to it; it's diagonally. One hand, on the circle, we put the other hand on the chest to feel that our chest is working. We breathe, we breathe, we press the circle down with arm force. 

We lay on our backs. We took a table position and put our feet on the ball. We breathe, we lift our hips slowly while we exhale. We make sure our hips are tight. That's how we stay for a breath. We breathe when the hip is in the air, and we stretch our legs. We're pulling our legs when we're breathing. Our hips are still in the air. That's how we repeat exercise. We breathe when we finish exercising; our vertebrae sit on one place and we extend our legs. The collective bridge exercise is very difficult, but it is equally effective. There's one way to tighten the leg and buttocks.

We lay side by side. We bend our arm from the elbow and put it under our heads for support. Our legs are flat. We took a breath and lifted our leg while we were breathing. We're breathing again and closing the leg. We start with the right leg. We reach in the opposite direction and do the same movement for the left leg. This exercise also exercises the muscles of the hips and legs. We repeat exercise 10 times for both legs. 

We're in position on our knees. Arms are dumb, we don't have any curves on our backs. We breathe, while we breathe, we lift one leg up from the knee this time. Our face facing forward. We breathe again, and while we breathe, we raise our leg up this time. Hip is stable. We're keeping your hips from turning right and left.

Dietary recommendations that support exercises

- Eat less and more often. 7-8 meals a day is ideal.  
- Two times a day for green tea or oolong tea. 
- 4 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day.
- 2 or 2.5 liters of natural mineral water every day.
- Eat grilled or steamed fish 2 days a week.
- Every morning for half a lemon in the empty stomach warm water; after 30 minutes breakfast. Make sure you eat protein for breakfast.
- Pilates are not made into an empty stomach. You should eat something one and a half hours before pilates.