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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tongue - What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health

What does your language say about your health?
Did you know that your language gives important signals about your whole body health? If your language has lost its pink color and its ragged surface lately, look at this article. Here's what your language says about your health...

Smooth and pale tongue

The surface of the tongue should be a little rough. If your tongue looks smooth and pale, you probably have vitamin B12 and iron deficiency.

Very large tongue

If your tongue feels bloated or looks big in your eyes, you may have a beginning of hyptridiosis. This situation emerged as a result of inadequate secretion of thyroid hormone, the metabolism slows down and lowers your energy.

Cracked language

If deep cracks have occurred on your tongue or side, you may have a congenital autoimmune disorder (the disease that causes the body to produce an immune response to its own tissues).

White language

If the surface of your tongue appears white, it may be caused by a yeast infection. The white tongue image appears as a result of the decrease of bacteria in the mouth that fight fungus.

Frequent ulcers in the mouth (aft)

Your immune system does not work well when you are stressed or when you have a cold, and the sores begin to form in your mouth. You need to eat more healthy to get rid of AFT in your mouth or at the edge of your tongue.

Blackish language that has lost its natural color

If the surface of your tongue has lost its pinpointing and has a blackish color, you have neglected your oral care and hygiene. Inadequate oral care can lead to major heart disease. The black tongue surface may also be a sign of a fungal infection.