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Monday, June 17, 2019

Natural Methods to Get Rid of Spider Veins

varicose veins are the first purple veins that appear in the legs. However, there are so-called Spider varicose veins, which are seen in the face and similar regions as well as the legs. They are not as dangerous as others, but they are aesthetically disturbing. More pronounced and close to purple varicose veins-usually - are a sign of the problem of veins and circulatory disorders are thought to be. However, Spider varicose veins; the capillaries close to the skin become visible as a result of the expansion of smaller vessels, such as arterioles and veins. Spider varicose veins (teleniectasis) are actually related to varicose veins. The origin of this varicose type, known as Spider varicose veins, can be seen in genetic predisposition, hormonal change, excess weight and a Still Life Style. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say that it can be completely removed after their formation. However, small changes in your lifestyle can help you get rid of some of it and create new ones. Those who have an heir to the temple must follow these recommendations.
Lose weight:
Excess weight, like many diseases, is among the triggers of varicose veins and Spider varicose veins. Each of the more weight you carry to your feet increases the pressure and causes the blood circulation to become difficult. You have to reduce this pressure by weakening.
Sitting for a long time adversely affects blood circulation. If you are doing a job that requires you to sit continuously, get up every half an hour and take small walks to help your blood circulation.
Keep your legs high:
Constant sagging of your legs, the effect of gravity disrupts the circulation of blood. Especially after a day you spend sitting down, make sure they stay up for a while by putting a support under your feet.
Eat foods that support blood circulation:
Foods that are effective in lowering cholesterol are also helpful in preventing varicose veins. Eating bananas, salmon, spinach, grapes, olive oil and bitter chocolate will help you.
Choose the right shoes:
High heels affect blood flow negatively. Choose to wear low heels, except on special occasions. Also, stay away from tight pants that have become almost fashionable lately. Narrow trousers prevent proper blood flow.