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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Killer Bodyweight Moves for Your Butt

Basic squat

It's quite simple! Stand upright, spread your feet slightly wider than the width of your shoulder. Squat as much as possible, make sure your hips are tense.

One leg squatting

Stand straight and forward your arms. Stand on the balance and bend your knees slightly while your only leg is back. Squat your back leg closer to the ground. Bend slightly forward with your back upright. Lower your body as low as possible without touching your back leg on the ground. Wait and return to initial position.

Sumo squat

The legs are opened more than the width of the shoulder. In this way, the movement is more effective in the inner legs and the risk of injury is minimized. The toes are turned out slightly. In the abdomen, the position of a position that is turned out of the hip should be taken. The back should be upright. The waist should have a round angle. You have a chair behind you and you have to take a position as if you were sitting on it. Arms can be combined parallel to the ground in the front or on the neck in a way that can not be suppressed. You should breathe slowly as you descend down. You need to breathe while you're up. You should tighten your inner legs as you get up. The back should be upright, you should not lean forward.

Jump squat

Make a basic squat. Getting up to jump.

Narrow squat

Get your legs together and stand up straight and squat as much as you can.

Squat with backward movement

Stand straight. Put your left leg behind your right leg and squat. Then put your left foot on the side and squat again.

Squat in the lunge

Stand straight. Leave your right leg behind and squat. Do the same for your left leg.

Squat and side by side

Make a basic squatting and place your left foot side by side your toes should touch the floor. Repeat the same procedure for the other leg.

Closed stance squat

Stand straight with your legs. During jumping, separate your legs (slightly wider than the shoulder width) again. When you get up, put your legs together.