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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Get Rid of dry lips dead skin or puffy

The biggest beauty problems of winter months: dry lips! The biggest mistake we've ever made: constantly moisturizing and drying even more!

So how do we care for our dry lips? Here are grandma tips!


First of all, you need to clean your lips out of dry and dead skin. For this, go to the peeling application. Gently brush your lips after you immerse the clean toothbrush you don't use in a cup of hot water. You can also peel your lips with sugar. You can go to step two after your lips are completely removed from dead skin.


Lip balm is the right product for moisturizing lips. If you need more intense moisture, apply your wax on your lips and sleep like that. You'il get soft lips when you wake up!

For everyday use, you can moisturize and color your lips by turning to Baby Lips lip wax in Maybeline New York!

-Honey mask

Do you need more moisture? Run to the kitchen and grab the honey jar. Honey is a great source of moisture for the whole body. Apply on the face and wash it off with warm water.