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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

DIY Vitamin C Serum Recipe For Wrinkles And Age Spots!

Setup 1
Soya bean curry
 Boil about two glasses of chlorine-free water in a closed pot. When the water begins to boil, add six tablespoons of soy beans. Boil for at least 20 minutes. If water is too low during boiling, you can add some water. The amount used is a coffee cup boiling water. By the end of 20 minutes, the soya bean must turn into a little red. If it hasn't turned red yet, know that it's not boiled enough. After turning into a light red color, filter out the water. Apply Cotton On old age spots when they are warm. Soak the soaked cotton with boiling water for three to four times as long as it is dry on old age spots. Apply this regimen three times a week for a month.

Cure 2
Lemon vinegar cure
 One tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice with a teaspoon of vinegar and leave the mixture to stand for five minutes, mix in the coffee cup. Then apply Cotton On old age spots. This cure is applied three times a week for one month.

Note: If you have medications recommended by your doctor, always use them. Find out if you are allergic to this herb. All herbal cures in this book are for adults only. Please note that the information you read here is helpful and supportive. Do not diagnose yourself and do not apply the information here without consulting your doctor.