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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

After Reading This, You Will Never Use Your Phone While You Are in the Bathroom!

The phones don't fall from our hands in every part of our lives. Even in the bathroom, many people need to use their phone. According to experts, using a telephone in the bathroom has tremendous damage.
Experts warned, when you go to the bathroom by phone, you risk a lot. Telephones with 18 times more bacteria than toilets seem to be too dangerous to risk the health of users. If you have it in your hand when you go to the toilet, the phones are becoming a completely bacterial nest. Simon Park, a doctor from the University, said that mobile phones are intended for communication, but they also carry personal traces of their users. So the phones are also infected with food and drinks.


The toilets, known as the most spread of germs, will cling to your phone very quickly and create a growing threat. You must leave your phone out when you enter such dirty areas. As you know, the easiest way to spread the disease and viruses from person to person is to switch from person to person. If more than one person is using your personal phone, it is more likely that germs will increase and some diseases will pass on to you. You should use Screen Cleaner sprays to clean the screen of your smartphone and your back case. You should know that wet wipes damage the phone and cause a scratch. This type of special sprays for your phone will always be safer. Bacteria in the speaker area of your phone can cause any infection in your ear. It is recommended that you make phone calls via headphones to protect against these germs.