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Thursday, June 27, 2019

15 Surprising Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

Amazing Uses Of Vaseline

1. The method of breast and hip enlargement with Vaseline
the method of breast augmentation with Vaseline is applied via massage. You get a piece of Vaseline in both hands. You rub Vaseline all over your chest from your nipples. You massage your chest from the outside in with both hands. When the Vaseline is finished, you take the Vaseline again and spread the Vaseline to your chest, massaging it for at least 15-20 minutes. 

2. Soothes The Puffiness In The Hair
Use Vaseline to soothe the puffiness in your hair, straighten dry disjointed ends and even keep non-smooth brows in place.

3. Highlighter (Illuminator) 
You can use Vaseline instead of Highlighter. Rub a small amount of Vaseline on the high points of your face for a damp, natural-light glow. Note that Vaseline causes clogging of pores in some skin types. If you have this type of skin type, use it in this way or apply it in a very small amount. You can also use Vaseline to polish your legs.

4. Removes Make-Up Stains
You can use Vaseline to remove make-up stains on clothes, pillows, quilts and sheets by wearing a damp meringue.

5. Prevents Nail Polish Smearing On Your Fingers
To keep the nail polish away from the skin areas around your nails, apply Vaseline to the areas around your nails before you start to apply nail polish. So you get a perfect manicure.

6. Good for skin cracking and dryness
Apply Vaseline on cracked heels and dry elbows before bed, wear socks to your feet or wrap your elbows in a clean fabric and wake up with healthy, moist skin.

7. Increases The Effect Of Cosmetic Products
Mix your favorite colored silvery eyeshadow with Vaseline so you can turn it into cream eyeshadow or blush. This way you can also make colored lip balm.

8. Mascara Can Be Used Instead
Use Vaseline instead of mascara on your makeup-free days. By applying Vaseline, you can have fuller, darker and brighter eyelashes.

9. Leather polishes shoes and accessories
Rub some Vaseline in boots, shoes, bags and other leather items that need polish. You can also use Vaseline to refresh your worn leather coats or jackets and extend their lifetime.

10. Pre-Use Of Bronzer
Apply a small amount of Vaseline to dry areas before applying the bronzer. This will prevent streaks and stains in the areas where you apply the bronzer.

11. Used As Makeup Cleanser
Make-up cleanser can be dangerous and expensive for your eyes. Vaseline eyeliner is a cheap option that easily and gently cleans the eyelash glue left behind by your lashings of mascara, shade and even nicknames.

12. Prevents The Closing Of The Earring Hole
If you don't wear earrings too often, earring holes can become distressed. To help your earrings slip painlessly, first rub Vaseline on your earlobes and earrings. It can also help you remove a ring stuck in your Vaseline finger.

13. Removes Dry Lips
Do your lips dry often? You can apply Vaseline to your lips by adding Some Sugar. As another use, mix the Vaseline with sea salt and use the mixture in the shower as a mask with moisturizing benefits.

14. Prevents Nail Polish Bottles From Sticking
Rub Vaseline into the area under the lid to prevent your nail polish lids from sticking to the bottle. Yes, from now on those caps will never stick to the bottle!

15. Prolongs The Life Of A Razor
We want to finish our list with one of the most effective uses of Vaseline we have ever discovered. If you apply a very thin layer of Vaseline on the blades between uses, you can keep your razor blades as new. To avoid rust, make sure the Vaseline is completely dry before applying.