Tuesday, May 14, 2019


I personally do not know what can be done if the person who leaves the toilet dirty and does not flush the toilet is a mother or father. although living with such a mother and father probably has bigger problems, this situation is far from touching the teeth. I don't think you have a habit of flushing, either, because you were raised by these parents.

I would like to talk about people who don't flush the toilet in public places: whenever I look at these people in the toilet with piss, I think of why these people might have done it. I wonder what causes these people to do this? these reasons, can it be acceptable by those who will enter the toilet after these people? 

people who have lost their sense of touch: people who have lost their sense of touch permanently due to guillain Barre syndrome or other reasons. for example, fingers 3. a person with a degree burn has lost touch. this person may not be able to flush the toilet after toilet flush, but because of the lack of awareness of the amount of violence. however, this is not an acceptable reason, because someone who already knows that he or she has a loss of touch can check the toilet with his or her eyes. what if he doesn't know there's a loss of touch? he knows that some chemicals or drugs cause temporary loss of touch sensation. there is another example that comes to mind (see drugs used to treat AIDS), radial neuropathy. yes, perhaps this person experienced temporary numbness, loss of sensation due to the way he was sleeping at night, or to his partner's arm, which was under his lover's body, and then he flushed into a public bathroom, and then he flushed, but he didn't feel it. that's a pretty acceptable reason. I can personally forgive you.

color blindness: a toilet that toilet water is blue urine patient just tritanopia, blue and yellow pee in the toilet water might not see because they did not distinguish the colors. however, it is not a valid reason as this man will feel when he is pissing. of course, if this person has a loss of touch sensation in the penis, that is, if he can not feel that he is pissing, then maybe he can be forgiven.

forgetfulness: people with advanced forgetfulness diseases that we are going to give examples of the elderly frequently encountered Alzheimer's, the person may forget to flush after Bevel. in addition, the adrenaline that causes the urine production to speed up, the person's concentration loss, and may have forgotten to withdraw the healing. however, this is not reasonable, because the person may notice again by seeing his urine or by the smell of attention. however, asparagusic pain is a low urinary tract, the person may not notice the smell of urine, these conditions are acceptable cause.

people who grew up in a culture where fecal matter is loved: do not say that there is no such culture anymore. for example, the Hindus (not a certain section, you know, Hindus) drink a drink in which cow feces are included because of religious beliefs. there is a religion that respects the cow's feces so much, and it can also be a religion that adores human feces. perhaps flushing may be disrespect to their idols(feces). but it's still not an acceptable reason. if this stool is placed in toilet water in a country that doesn't belong to the stool, it has to be flush. a man who has grown up in this culture can initially undergo a culture shock(ultimately we are flushing the man's idols), but his beliefs cannot take away our freedom. let him fuck himself in a special place. so it's not an acceptable reason. if he doesn't flush him while he lives in his own society, he won't.

note: at this point, the things that double the horizon when it is learned, let me tell you: hot camels contain antibiotics.*

copprofilia: sexual pleasure from the excretion(crap). this is a disease that causes 2 girls to enjoy 1 cup. I don't have the ability to explain any more. yes, a person with a coprophiliac disease may not be able to flush his stool once he has placed it. maybe the guy didn't have a hand. but that's certainly not an excuse. you're gonna flush it. go do what you're doing in your own house. wait a second, you're not supposed to be out, apply to the nearest hospital. if he has a cure, he has a cure. please welcome me. 

it's not like he's a coprophobic or something because I treated this guy like that.

fear of siphon. no one can ignore this siphon phobia that I just made up. even now it makes sense to think, for example, that someone who has advanced germs(mysophobia) can sense the phobia of the toilet. what a phobia. or maybe when he was a little boy, the flush ball ran away. I don't know, you need to go to your childhood. it's not an acceptable reason, but you can go in the bathroom with a plastic glove and flush it like that.

think urine is useful: shit happens to eat, not pee, okay? it's a little more reasonable, though. we both know that there are a lot of people who have survived by drinking their urine under the rubble after the earthquake. there's also something called ureine therapy. urine is not only used medically, but also in the area of Kosmetics. in ancient Rome, pee was used for teeth whitening. in the meantime, I was wondering if there is any benefit to the urine, I said, the bladder is effective in the treatment of cancer advocates or something equivalent. but the American Cancer Society didn't accept it. I was afraid to investigate further and convince myself that it was useful.* joking aside, even if the urine is useful in the toilet because it is absolutely no use in the toilet, he will be siphoned .