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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Neck Pain Treatment: This Unusual Stretch Relieves Stiff Neck in 90 Seconds!

The nerves are the toughest and most robust members of our body. Imagine that if an animal's muscle is removed with its nerves and protected in a salty water that is suitable for body movements, it will continue to live for hours. If we wake this nerve end after hours with a little electricity, the muscle immediately attacks itself and takes care of itself. We apply strong or abrasive pressure to our members of this firm body, sometimes with blows coming from outside, and then we begin to feel pain. This pressure is due to some other body members, such as the bones, cartilage, or muscle, which are the other organs in our body. 

These nerves that are trapped in our bodies are the tasks;
There are numerous automatic tasks. Among these, E is to ensure harmonious work between clearly known organs.
It's how we know if the things we touch with our hands are soft or hard. The signals that are sent to our brains are sent by the nerves to work.
It helps us to combine what we perceive, to react to what we need to respond to.
It allows us to do what our muscles do.
Symptoms of nerve compression;
Numbness and numbness in the region where the nerve is compressed
Burning sensation in the region where the nerve is compressed, pains
Tingling and feeling like a needle
Muscles are weak in the place where the nerves are stuck.
Twitch in muscles
Fatigue in muscles
Soft feeling in the region where the nerve is compressed
Sweating more than usual
Severe and increasing pain every day
Difficulty in movement in the hands and feet
More exposure than hot and cold weather
Pain in the place where the nerves are compressed from sudden reactions to nerve compression
Pain in the lower back and legs, especially when walking and especially when climbing stairs
Prof. Dr. A cure that can be made at home, which Ibrahim Saraçoğlu recommended for nervous compressions;


20-25 dried cherry stalks
2 glasses of clean chlorine water you can also get from the market

2 cups water and cherry stems in boiling water. Boil for 4 minutes on a low heat and close your mouth. Then add 1 teaspoon of Nettle and boil for about 3 minutes. Take it from the stove and warm it up. Then drive to the place where there is a nerve jam.

This mixture 2 cups of tea this tea, with a cup in the morning, one hour lunch and the other for over an hour. 

Apply this cure for a month. 

In order to keep our nervous system healthy, we need to stay away from alcohol and smoking. These two effectively destroy brain cells. Kills brain cells. Brain cells die in people who have reduced the ability to think, causes memory weakness.

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