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Monday, May 20, 2019

Mix A Little Salt and Olive Oil and You Will Not Feel Pain for The Next 5 Years

Thanks to this practical treatment method, I hope you will say goodbye to the pain. End the joint pains with olive oil and salt mixture. Mix some salt and olive oil, you won't feel any pain for the next 5 years..

The natural salt dissolves in olive oil relieves the pain of the head, neck and joint!

Especially head, neck and joint pains affect human life quite badly. You can solve this problem with natural materials. Thanks to this simple recipe I will give you 5 years of pain will not live! Assertive but that's the common opinion of everyone who does it, trust it!

We just need 10 tablespoons of high-quality salt and 20 tablespoons of olive oil.

Do not suffer for the next 5 years with olive oil salt mixture!
Recipe: you don't have to make a lot of effort to prepare this recipe. All you have to do is mix ingredients in a glass container. When you close your mouth tightly, your mixture will be light colored within two days.

Application: preferably in the morning, apply the mixture to the aching area. By rubbing grind. If pressure is occurring and you can't stand it, start with 2-3 minutes and slowly increase it. Experts say 20-minute massage is enough. Then gently wipe with a damp towel.

If your skin is irritated, you can use baby powder to relax the area where you are irritated.

Within 10 days, the mixture will affect your skin, and your muscles in cartilage and bone ligaments will begin to regenerate. You will see serious changes between 8-10 days!

When applying the treatment, your pain will disappear completely. You will have healthy blood flow and sharp vision. Your body will be free of toxins and your metabolism will become healthy.

This treatment is also a real source of hope in paralyzed patients. That is to say;
As a result of the researches carried out in Germany, pickled salt and olive oil are the most natural methods to be used in the treatment of paralyzed limbs.
It is used not only in stroke problems, but also in the healing of the organs after rheumatism and fractures.

As a result of research based on experiments, the toes of a paralyzed patient after applying this mixture of fingers have returned to the old state. For this reason, we can recommend this mixture to our relatives and friends who have a stroke problem.

How to Cure Paralysis with olive oil and pickled Salt?
1 liter natural olive oil
Half a kilo of pickled salt
1 liter of natural, IE pure olive oil and half a kilos of pickled salt into a bowl is mixed thoroughly.
You can mix and store ingredients in 2 and a half liter PET bottles for easy and practical use on your part.
Find a suitable area to allow the mixture to see the sun.The area you find should be an area that you can easily reach. The reason for this is to rinse the mixture during the day and dissolve the Salt thoroughly in the oil. When the air temperatures are 25-30 degrees on average, it is enough to keep the mixture in the sun for 10 days.

After you mix olive oil and pickled salt and make it ready, you should apply the mixture to the paralyzed area like sunscreen in a sunny environment. Immediately after the mixture continues, Everyone will be surprised to see the movement in the paralyzed area.

The mixture after being in the sun for half an hour wash the area with warm water, massage as you can. Apply this mixture 3 times a week.

Both the preparation and implementation effects of this formula which is easy to share with others also