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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

If You Have This Line On Hand You’re Really Lucky

If you wonder what the lines mean, you can interpret the meanings of the lines in your hand with the palm-reading method.

1 - decide which hand is active and which hand is passive. If you use your right hand too much, your right hand is active and your left hand is too much. The characteristic features in your hand that you don't use much have not changed much, so it is more accurate to interpret them.

2 - your character is in three main lines; the line extending from the bottom of your pinky finger to the bottom of your index finger is called “Heart line”, this line is deep and complex in the form of chain, the emotional problems experienced by the person experiencing the feeling is turbulent, a straight Heart line is a stable, slightly monotonous mood has been

The line extending parallel to it under the heart line is called the “mind Line”, and it has been shown that people with a long and Deep Mind line have a high mental capacity; if this line is parallel to the heart line, it shows a sense of thought and a sense of thought when it is going downward, inclined towards the palm of It was noticed that the fractures and curls above this line point to depression and deep-rooted changes in the mind at the age of that region.

The line extending from the toe to the wrist is called the “line of life”, and people who have a smooth and long life line live a long and healthy life, and fractures on this line indicate diseases in certain periods as well as many and quite detailed clues have been found.

Relate to feelings and love by looking at the heart line. If the line starts at the bottom of your index finger, you're likely to have loving relationships. If it starts at the bottom of your middle finger, you have a central structure and you tend to ignore love and reject it. If the line starts between the index finger and the middle finger, then you are both a man of logic.

4.if the heart line is going straight, it shows that it is over - controlled and emotionally closed. If the line is curved towards the fingers, it means the person is too enthusiastic.

5 - pay attention to the length of your heart line. The long line shows that you're human with love, that you're more about sex than short. If your heart line is bent downwards and touches your bottom line of life, it shows that your heart is broken quickly. If your line is long and inclined, it means you can say your feelings and feelings freely.

6-Your Mind line reflects what you think. If your life and Mind line starts together, it shows that you have a very cautious, fearful personality. If these lines are separate from one another, it is clear that you are in a group that can take too much risk.

7 - see how long your mind line is. The long line of reasoning indicates that you can put yourself in place of others and that you are smart. The wavy and short line reflects careless and deep thinking.
Examine your life line. Good reflex and reflect the length of your life. If the line starts close to your thumb, you have little energy. The very curved line indicates that you are very energetic and optimistic. If there are extra lines in a half-circle, you are more powerful and enthusiastic. If the lines are straight and in the middle of your palm, you're a very shy person.

9 - make sure your life line is deep and long. The long and deep line indicates that you will live longer and healthier.

If you have two to three of your life line, this indicates that you are a positive person and you will enjoy life. If the lines are longer than your life line, it means that you are healthy, healing quickly and recovering quickly in the face of bad situations. If lines are shorter than your life line, it means you're a negative thinker.
Don't forget these!

This information that is popular does not mean that you will stay the same for the rest of your life. Like people, Lines change.
Hand lines don't tell the future. It won't stop what happens in the future.
Do not change your partner and your life by looking at it.