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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Correct Way To Use A Sanitary Towel

How to put a pad 
Today, pads are designed for ease of use, so it is not difficult to place in underwear. After washing your hands, tell your daughter to remove all packaging, including the paper tape, which covers the adhesive layer on the back of the pad. Then place the pad in the middle of the underwear and instruct it to press the adhesive surface towards the underwear. Let the pad curl its wings towards the edges of the underwear to check if it is placed correctly and pulls up the underwear. So that's that.

Stay clean throughout the day 
Teach your child to change his or her pedigree at least every 3-4 hours and to repeat it more often on busy days. Talk about more absorbent pads designed for busy days.

Protection during the night 
Choose a night pad with high absorbency to protect you during the night. Orchid platinum comfort is designed to provide 100% protection against leaks at night, even in your sleep.

When to use daily pads? 
Daily pads can be used on all days other than the period of Reg. It keeps the underwear clean and dry all day against mild currents. In addition, the period may be irregular for two years after the start of the emergency to provide extra protection. 

Knowing about the use of pads is important in terms of making the period of Reg positive for the first few years. Support your daughter by providing her with all the information she needs to be confident during this period!