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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

7 Benefits Of Applying Oil To The Belly Button

The belly button is the first scar in human life. It is the only communication channel established with mother before birth. We can call it a food bond, a life bond, even a psychological bond.

A life trail left over from the umbilical cord has a function enhancing and regulating mission for many areas of the body. It is a different way to get the beneficial effects that the body needs from the outside. It is possible to transmit positive effects to the body by applying herbal oils to the navel.

Moisturizes The Skin
It is one of the health themes required for skin, to have a moist form. For this reason, olive oil and coconut oil, which are the ideal vegetable oils, can be preferred. Apply a few drops of the navel and surrounding skin with a smooth and moist structure will be provided. Of course, on the condition that you apply it before the bath.

Can Treat Infections
The navel is the region that contains the most bacteria in the body. There are over 2300 types of bacteria. It is also a potential shelter for bacteria because of its perspiration and lack of air. This as a precaution, coconut oil, tea tree oil and mustard oil are vegetable oils, which reduces the risk of infection. Infections are both curative and preventative.

Reduces Menstrual Period Stress
This point, which acts as a psychological connection to the mother, is not connected to the nervous system. Herbal products with essential oil content, such as ginger, sage or mint, are exactly the solution for this problem. Reducing cramps and pains is among the benefits of applying fat to the belly button.

Improves Stomach Pain
Applying almond oil or olive oil may have a healing effect in conditions such as abdominal pain, indigestion, diarrhea.

Gives Energy
It provides benefits in the form of activation of a region, which is mentioned as a belly Chakra, as an energy supply. The list of power and energy-efficient oils includes Rose and sandalwood oil.

Increases Fertility
The main theme of the birth of the umbilical cord is the umbilical hole, a trigger for the regulation of hormones. While raising the fertility level of women, sperm count and health in men will not decrease from normal levels. Juniper tree oil, Damiana tea or guava leaf water are herbal products that should be applied.