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Monday, May 13, 2019

6 Bad Breath Causing Factors & Prevention

The smell of the mouth is an inseparable fearful dream for many people. Studies show that 50 percent of adults suffer from this condition. Sometimes, under this condition, we think that serious problems can be said to be harmless, experts told the causes of bad breath and treatment methods.


The evil of oral hygiene: Regular brushing, gently brushing your tongue should be checked by a dentist in years and without complaint. Tooth brushing is then necessary for effective cleaning of the use of floss.

Smoking: substances taken by smoking and similar breathing cause many diseases and also makes the smell of the mouth.

Tooth decay or abscess: infections in the mouth can increase the production of bacteria and cause odor.

Tonsils inflammation, sinusitis: upper respiratory tract infections in the mouth by making the discharge creates bad smell. Sinusitis and all the diseases that cause nasal congestion causes breathing through the mouth.

Reflux: gastroesophageal reflux occurs when the esophagus comes into the mouth. Causes of mouth odor and cough.

Long-term hunger: not eating or drinking anything for a long period of time causes dry mouth and increased activity of microorganisms in the mouth.


Liv Hospital Istanbul oral and dental health expert Dr. Samiye Çelik evaluated the smell of mouth in terms of dental and oral health:

Why does our mouth smell better in the morning?
Gas accumulated during the night in the digestive tract is the cause of the smell of the mouth in the morning. It is not indicative of any health problem. However, when we sleep without brushing our teeth, food residues in the mouth are used by bacteria. Because saliva flow is decreased, this effect becomes more and causes odor.

What are the dental causes of bad breath?
Oral hygiene is great in preventing the smell of the mouth. The food that stays between the teeth, plaque on the teeth causes the smell of the mouth. In addition, tooth stones, gum disease and decay in areas not cleaned well for a long time creates a serious mouth odor. These are common problems in people with poor oral hygiene.

How to get oral hygiene?
*Regular brushing should not be neglected at least twice a day.
*The best solution for plaque accumulation between the teeth is to use floss once a day.
*Do not neglect your routine dentist controls.
* If moving dentures are used, daily cleaning should be done on them
*Old and mismatched porcelain crowns and bridges should be replaced because they cause plaque accumulation.