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Monday, May 27, 2019

11 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies. Make Sure You Know These Symptoms.

We consume a lot of food to the extent that we need it, but we may be inadvertently deficient in some food items. For this reason, it is useful to have regular blood tests, but in general nutritional deficiencies can manifest themselves with certain ailments.

* Pale mole, chills, dry skin; iron, B12, folic acid deficiency

Muscle pain and cramps; magnesium, lack of potassium

White patches on nails; zinc deficiency

*Hair loss; iron, zinc, biotin deficiency

* Dandruff formation in hair; biotin, vitamin C and B, lack of fatty acids

* Eczema; fatty acids, zinc deficiency dietitian Özlem Sert Aydın

Dry eye; fatty acids, vitamin A deficiency

*Blood in the eyes, sensitivity; lack of Vitamin A and B

Nervousness, rapid heartbeat, depression ;lack of vitamin B

* Skin redness in the upper arm and hip; Vitamin B and vitamin E, lack of fatty acids

* Bleeding gums; vitamin C deficiency

* Cracks in the sides of the mouth; vitamin B, folic acid, iron deficiency

* Dry lips and cracking ;lack of vitamin B

* Infertility in men and women; vitamin E, zinc, manganese deficiency

*Soft, painful language; vitamin B, iron, folic acid deficiency

* Cracked, cracked tongue; vitamin B deficiency

* Enlargement of the veins under the tongue; vitamin C deficiency

*Not stopping the blood; vitamin K deficiency

* Red and greasy nose edges; vitamin B, zinc, lack of fatty acids

* Pain and cramps before menstruation; lack of calcium and magnesium

*Tiredness, dizziness; sodium, iron deficiency

* Night blindness; vitamin A, zinc deficiency