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Monday, April 15, 2019

The most interesting 10 allergy

- Footwear allergies: Some people may have an eczema-like allergic reaction to the chemicals used to process the skin. When you are away from the skin, the skin shoes must be used with socks to determine the dermatological reaction that is lost in a few cases.
-Chocolate allergy: Some people may have itchy skin irritation against food additives in chocolate, urticaria and eczema-like reactions. The only solution is to remove the type of chocolate forming the reaction.
- Allergy to the sun: This type of allergy that begins to show itself when contacted with the sun and caused by UV rays in the sun manifests itself as redness, swelling and itching.
- Allergy to the cold: Allergic reactions in this type of allergy, not only in cold weather, but also in cold water swim situations are also dangerous. What causes allergies is known as the sudden drop in blood pressure.
-Sport allergy: Exercise after eating can occur. He can show himself independently from food. Exercise allergy may cause skin rashes and severe anaphylaxis.
- Allergy to Water: After contact with water, urticaria-like rashes occur in the skin. This allergy is lost in a short time is very rare.
- Allergy to all food and beverages except water: the only known family in the world is Kaleb Bussenschutt. Kaleb yoks not only allergic to water, ice and lemonade under a certain brand. Every time he goes outside, he vomits. Nutrition is carried out with food delivered to her stomach with the help of a key for 20 hours.
- Allergy to Technology: The most likely cause of this type of allergy that may cause migraine-like headache and skin reactions is electro-magnetic impurities in the environment of the dryer, wireless systems, microwave ovens and mobile phones. In recent years, this condition is called ”Patient Building Syndrome Son.
- Lingerie allergy: It is seen in people who are sensitive to rubber and synthetic fabrics. Particularly in the case of underwear at the point where the rubber parts touch the skin.
-Men allergy: A very rare type of allergy. Some women have allergic reactions to their own sperm as well as women have allergy to sperm.