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Monday, April 29, 2019

7 Common Nail Conditions Linked to Serious Diseases That You Shouldn't Ignore

Pale nails
Did you know that your nails are warning you about your health?
A healthy nail should be pink across, white pink color towards the bottom. If your nails are pale or other colors, they signal your health. Green color is indicative of bacterial infection.
Red lines indicate heart problems, bluish nails, low oxygen levels in the blood, White liver disease, and dark lines indicate heart disease and ageing.Wavy nails
Nails are smooth surfaces due to their nature. Iron deficiency can be a symptom of arteritis or lupus.
Dry, cracked nails
If your nails are broken frequently, it is recommended that you check your hormone levels. It can be a precursor to thyroid or fungal disease.- -
Depressed nails
 Tiny bumps or punctures on your nails may indicate that you are not taking good care of your nails. However, it can also be a sign of an autoimmune disorder that causes psoriasis, zinc deficiency, or Alopecia areata areata.---
Spoon nail
These nails are twisted in a twisted way depending on internal discomfort and become similar to the spoon.it can be said that N is usually a precursor of iron deficiency, hemochromatosis, heart disease, and hypothyroidism.---
Cracked nails
Crack nails are usually clipped in layers. Folic acid and vitamin C deficiency may occur if your nails are cracked frequently. It may also be the precursor to chronic misdiagnosis.
Thick nails
Very thick nails are not natural. Thicker than normal nails give warning about lung disease, fungal infection, thyroid and circulatory system diseases.