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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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How Is Lipoma Diagnosed?
The diagnosis of lipoma is made by physical examination. However, as in every mass lipomas, soft tissue ultrasound should be done. Ultrasound is a complementary examination in the differential diagnosis of suspected cases of sarcoma, liposarcoma or cyst Sease.

Patients usually refer to swelling anywhere in the body. He mentions that this mass grew slowly over the years. In infective cases, he mentions that the mass suddenly grew, became stiff and began to ache.

Non-infected lipomas can be moved immediately under the skin. It's not attached to the skin. It's surrounded by a false capsule. However, sometimes the integrity of the bored lipomas played by the patients deteriorate. They can be still. This condition is also seen in infected lipomas.

In addition, the muscle, abdominal cavity,organs of the digestive system, lipoma can be seen in the breast and calpte. The fat glands in the intestine make up 15% of the good-natured Timbers in the intestine. It can cause intestinal obstruction.

There is no definite reason for the formation of sebaceous glands. The patient's inherited condition is important. Especially 12.the chromosome is held responsible. Other than this, trauma taken by the patient's life in various periods can be effective. In familial questions of people with fat glands, it is seen that the family has lipom in various individuals. People with familial predisposition increase the formation of side-by-side metabolikhasalıkları. In addition, people with high blood fats such as lipoproteins, cholesterol and triglycerides are more likely to be seen in the fat gland.
The most common complication of the sebaceous glands are the sebaceous cysts(sebaceous cysts). In addition to this,liposarcoma(malignant lipomas), epidermoid cysts, leiomyoma called adelaemic tumors and abscesses can be mixed with lipomas. Fat cysts are softer than lipoma. The mass in the tumors is very hard. There is redness, pain and swelling in the abscess area. Sometimes it happens in the fire. Abscesses should be removed surgically.

In the diagnosis, besides ultrasonography, soft tissue MRI examinations are also used. However, definitive diagnosis is made by Pathology. In lipomas, the mass is removed completely and sent to pathology.

Treatment Method
The treatment of lipomas is surgery. Surgical decision is not required for each lipoma. Cosmetic lipomas, malignant masses as a result of pathology, infected lipomas, fat gland diameter exceeds 5 cm is the reason to apply to surgery. Local anesthesia is first performed around lipoma. After surgery, a small incision (cut) is made in the abdomen along with a small incision (cut) is made in the abdomen. It is an operation that ends in about 5-10 minutes. It's done in our clinic.