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Sunday, March 29, 2020

The number of coronavirus cases exceeded 700 thousand

File:COVID-19 Outbreak World Map.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Kovid - 19 according to the information on the "Worldometer" website, which compiles data on new cases in countries and regions seen, the total number of cases worldwide reached 702,348.

The country where the virus is most commonly seen is the United States with 131,403 cases, followed by Italy with 97,689 cases.

In China, where the outbreak occurred, 81,439 cases were recorded. 78,799 cases in Spain, 60,659 cases in Germany, 38,309 cases in Iran, 37,575 cases in France, 19,552 cases in England, 14,829 cases in Switzerland, 10,866 cases in the Netherlands, 10,836 cases in Belgium, case numbers in excess of 10 thousand countries was.

The Kovid-19 outbreak, which occurred in December 2019 in Vuhan, Hubey province, China, has spread to nearly 200 countries and regions, turning into a pandemic.

Worldwide, 33,178 people have died due to the outbreak.

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