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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Don't lose your health when you want to lose weight

Promoted from social media accounts, slimming teas or various herbal teas may not be as innocent as they seem. In some cases, these products that are being sold illegally in the security forces as a result of his analysis of "tea and herbal weight loss products" slimming used as a drug under medical supervision and psychological treatment; high dose, damages the heart and vascular system that is "sibutramine" that this great place of news to emerge was found.

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Phytotherapy Mehmet Emin Erdem, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cancers, plants and natural products with treatment methods, hypertension, chronic fatigue to prevent diseases such as tea consumed must be under the control of a doctor, he said.

Erdem, who points out that treatment patterns vary from person to person, said, "Linden, cinnamon tea, clove tea, mint tea, ginger tea, balm tea, sage tea will be good for your health in winter teas. These teas, which you can prepare in a simple way at home, are prepared to be protective against disease or to provide resistance against viruses in diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to brew herbal teas using eastern plants according to its purpose. Of course, drinking in your decision is the most important detail to consider. If you need regular medication, especially because of a chronic illness, you should always consult your doctor before choosing herbal teas.

It should not be forgotten that some herbal medicine or tea used to see benefits can do more harm than good," he said.

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