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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Remove Dark Circles Under Eye Bags with Baking Soda Lemon!!!. Amazing..

There are under-eye bruises pictured for reasons such as fatigue, irregular sleep, alcohol, stress, unhealthy eating or factors you want. Genetic factors or health problems, or if you do not have a situation at home with a few masks you can prepare your eyes under the bruises can lighten.

Potatoes and Cucumbers
Potatoes and cucumbers are known to everyone in the environment and for a long time against the bruises of the products.

Tired, the day before, during stressful periods, you can not get a full sleep against the bruises and swelling of cucumbers and potatoes can benefit from.

Slice a raw potato. Leave in the refrigerator for an hour and over your eyes. Keep your eyes closed. Wait 15 minutes this way.

Similarly, cut the cucumber into slices and cool thoroughly in the refrigerator. Soak for 25 minutes on your eyes.

Almond oil and lemon
Lemon nourishes and revitalizes the skin, is also a natural and powerful bleach. Almond Oil and Lemon Juice Combination is an ideal mixture for under bruises.

1 teaspoon of almond oil mixed with half a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice while rubbing under the eye massage and leave for 10 minutes. May cause irritation and redness. Avoid contact with eyes and, if not, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Cold spoon
To make the bruises more obvious, keep 2 tablespoons in cold water and place them over the eyes. An effective app for converting blood circulation.

Chamomile tea
Before applying the chamomile tea around your eyes and face, you should grate a raw potato, bring it to the consistency of mash and keep it around your eye for about 1 hour. Then chamomile tea and wash your face many times.

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