Thursday, August 8, 2019


1- Chew cloves: This is one of the oldest recommendations, but you can be sure that it is both the cheapest and one of the most effective.

2- Use dental floss brush your teeth and your tongue: The first stage of the fight against bad breath should be strict oral hygiene. In addition to brushing your teeth all day long, do not leave your teeth clean using dental floss. Also do not forget to clean the tongue. According to experts, especially in the back areas of the tongue back bacteria can cause bad breath.

3 - Eat yogurt: Probiotics are rich in all kinds of food and drink (kefir), but especially when yogurt is regularly consumed seems to be an important nutrient in reducing halitosis. Yoghurt is known to reduce the proliferation of helicobacter pylori in the stomach.

4- For frequent and abundant water: Frequent and abundant drinking water is not only beneficial to the kidneys, but also a beneficial habit to reduce bad breath. Drinking plenty of water helps prevent saliva.

5- Chewing gum: Especially chewing gums and chewing gums enriched with probiotic bacteria are more beneficial than others.

6-Don't stay open: The phrase söyl starving mouth smells of hunger gelen that has been said since the past is not unfair! The smell of many people's mouth before breakfast in the morning is closely related to hunger. Often eating something, especially warm herbal teas (cloves, cinnamon, linden) can provide significant support in the fight against bad breath. I think that eating and drinking reduces the accumulation of germs, increases the amount of saliva and benefits in this way.

7- Load cinnamon: Cinnamon is fast becoming one of the most popular natural supports of recent years. One of the places where it works, it looks like bad breath. It is understood that cinnamon drinks or chewing cinnamon in the mouth can help fight bacteria inside the mouth.

8- Your stomach, esophagus and throat may be a problem: In case of recurrent bad breath in simple measures, a serious dental examination, otorhinolaryngologist, even the gastroenterologist supervision is useful to pass.

9- Do not forget to gargle before bedtime: Oral hygiene is always important especially before bedtime is much more important. It is a very important point to brush your teeth before sleep, do a nice cleaning with dental floss and then make an alcohol-free mouthwash.
10-If you have helicobacteria in your stomach to be treated: Helicobacter Pylori infection due to gastritis and reflux problems in an effective treatment can eliminate bad breath. Without this problem, the bad breath does not disappear!

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