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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

14 Signs Showing That Your Blood Sugar Is Very High

Constant hunger
High blood sugar prevents glucose from entering the cells. As a result, Energy does not come to the body and wants to eat again and again: a vicious cycle.
Go to the toilet frequently
If Your Blood Sugar is too high, you may not be able to absorb kidney fluids again. Therefore, the body tries to equalize the glucose concentration in blood and cells, dissolves the blood with intracellular fluid and brings the glucose concentration to normal level. This results in frequent urination.
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Dry mouth and persistent thirst
The 10 signs that you consume more than 3 sugars are a sign of dry mouth and severe dehydration. The hypothalamus, which evaluates the level of dehydration and causes dehydration, sends a corresponding signal to the brain. Of course, you can't refuse to drink, but it's better if you choose sugar-free water or tea.
Dry skin
Dry skin can be connected to high blood sugar levels for various reasons.:
- Excessive urination dries the body's water and begins to dry the skin.
- Leg skin problems point to atherosclerosis, a disease that often occurs in diabetes.
- Damaged nerves can disrupt the normal operation of sweat glands and affect the balance of skin water.
10 mark 5 of your time consumes more sugar than high sugar levels of glucose prevents you from entering into brain cells; therefore, the brain has difficulty in obtaining energy. This affects the speed of thinking and decision making negatively.
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Blurred vision
The 10 signs that you consume more than 6 sugars are a result of dehydration due to high blood sugar, which affects eye cells. As a result, they become deformed and the eyes lose the ability to focus correctly.
Slow healing process
The 10 signs that you consume more than 7 sugars are due to vascular damage as a result of the high sugar level. This leads to deterioration of blood circulation, especially in the joints, and malnutrition of tissues.
10 signs that you consume more than 8 sugar are one of the problems that high blood sugar can cause. For a healthy sex life, healthy nerves require good blood circulation and proper hormone balance. However, excess sugar in the blood can adversely affect each of these systems.
According to the study, people with high sugar are more anxious, nervous and depressed.

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