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Thursday, August 22, 2019

10 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

When you feel depressed, it is easy to forget your pain by doing something harmful. It might be good for a moment to drink or eat too much. However, you may suffer further damage by distributing yourself. Here are ways not to harm yourself any more.

1. Slightly move
Instead of being buried in a pound of ice cream, go for a run. Exercise is the exact opposite of eating, but it has the same effect. It allows you to distract when you have problems. It makes you feel guilty after eating. It is the best way to keep both your mind and body healthy.

2. Laughter
If you are suffering from love, watching romantic comedy may not be a good idea. Instead, you can watch a comedy or an adventure film. You can see a happy couple in everything you watch. However, it may not be as intense as it is in romantic comedy or love.

3. Be a cook
You want to get a knife when you get bored? Then use it according to its purpose and chop the vegetables. Maybe you can enjoy cooking and get a new hobby. You can increase your creativity by trying new recipes.

4. Write down your frustrations on a sheet of paper
If you're upset, it might be better to write on paper instead of yelling at the people around you. Don't hold yourself. Writing is more effective than speaking, and can help you understand your feelings better. When you're done, you can relax by tearing the paper.

5. Sandbag
If you're throwing away when you're upset and want physical relaxation, get yourself a sandbag. Some people feel good as physical discharge. As long as a healthy method is used, there is no problem. If you're upset, you can get your nerves out of your sandbag.

6. Distress
When you get angry with someone, it might be a good idea to announce it to the world via Facebook or Twitter. But be careful not to write things you will regret when you calm down. Instead of making your feelings public, call a friend and worry about it. Instead of a few status tastes, what you hear from your friend will be much better.

7. Go outside
When you get bored, hiding yourself is the easiest thing, but you can't stay inside forever. It might be a good idea to go out and face the world. Hiding yourself may seem a logical solution, but loneliness will suffocate you.

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