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Friday, August 2, 2019

10 Stretches You Can Do at Home That Will Help You Burn Fat

Yawning moves to help you burn fat at home


Your feet away from each other and bend your knees slightly. Position as in the image, then touch the ground by passing your hands by your feet. Hold your breath and pull your belly in. Try this move 3 times.


Lie on your back and extend your arms sideways. Lift your legs using your knees and then lower your leg, which is in the air until your thigh touches the ground. Lift your legs again and this time make the same move towards the other side.


Position as in the visual. While keeping your back upright, raise your feet and extend your arms forward.  Balance yourself on your hip. V lift and straighten your legs towards the air to take shape. Lay your shoulders back slightly.


Stand up, breathe and raise your arms over your head. Move your hips around the floor like you have a chair underneath you. Bend your knees as you sit in the chair and take power from them.


Take position for the cat pose as in the visual. Focus your gaze towards the ground. Lift up your spine while exhaling. Do not break the alignment of your knee and shoulder. Lower your head down before it's loaded around your neck.


Position yourself on your knees and hands for the cow pose. Raise your head slightly by focusing your gaze forward. Exhale and lift your hips and chest upwards.


Sit on the floor. Position as in the visual. After bending your left knee, place your left foot a few inches away from the outside of your right knee. Bring your right arm to the rear of the left outer part of your left knee, where you bend.


Lie down on your back to perform the position. Adjust the distance between your two feet to be shoulder-width apart and bring your feet toward yourself. With your hands on the floor, lift your hips toward the air.


Down to the ground. Press your hands against the ground so that they are at the level of your shoulders. After deep breathing, raise your head, chest and hands. Try to lift your shoulders up after waiting in this position for a certain period of time, give your breath and slowly drop yourself to the ground.


The pose needed to rest the body after your actions so far. Lie on the ground on your back and lay down with your arms open sideways. Give your entire body weight to the ground and reach out without moving for a while, closing your eyes.


It's important to understand how your body also works when trying to lose weight. The important thing when exercising is to lose weight from the fats. It will be in your best interest to perform your daily diet and movements with this in mind and in consultation with an expert.

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