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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

This Herb Prevents 9 Different Eye Problems Including Cataracts

Cataract disease and Herbal Solutions
Cataract disease occurs more often in old age, and a number of reductions in the angle of view occur. It can also reveal a rather hazy appearance. Today, herbal solutions can be used in addition to the drugs used to treat this disease. These solutions can increase the distance from the angle of view, while also helping to regain sight. We will be sharing effective solution methods with you along with the plants that come well in cataract in the continuation of our article.

Good Foods In Cataracts
It is stated that the consumption of carrot juice is very important as good foods in cataract. It is already known that carrot plays an important role in the development of eyesight. It also protects the eye health along with vitamin A and minerals in its content. Therefore, excessive consumption can prevent cataract disease in the eye, which can be experienced in the long term.

We can say that anise consumption is also important for cataract. Anise consumption of at least 6 grams per day can be obtained for this disease. In addition to the anasone, regular consumption of 2 or 3 teeth of raw garlic a day helps both digestion and increased visibility. It can also block the hazy look that may occur in your eyes.

Another source of food to be used for cataract is badene. You can soak a few almonds in water at night, Peel and crush them when you wake up in the morning and then consume them by adding them to milk. Alternatively, apply it to your eyes in the form of curing.

Professor Dr. Ibrahim Saraçoğlu, 60 for cataract disease that may occur after the age of people to be careful against milk consumption has told. He also recommended consuming 1 cup tomato juice for 7 days to prevent cataracts, followed by Root-shaped ginger tea.

Spinach consumption is also extremely important in the herbal treatment of cataract. It is not only beneficial for the eye but also for the whole body. In addition, green leafy vegetables should be given the necessary support for consumption. This is because these vegetables, which are rich in vitamin C and E, are recommended for cataract nowadays.

Good foods include pumpkin juice. In this solution, which is very effective for eye health, pumpkin water can be consumed every day. It can also be used in an alternative way by holding the eyes for up to 15 minutes.

Causes and symptoms of cataract
The biggest cause of cataract disease is old age. In addition to this, diabetes and other eye diseases can trigger this condition. In addition to the side effects of certain medications, hard strokes taken to the eye area can also cause cataract formation.

When we look at the symptoms of cataract, we can sort the following information:;

Starting to see objects as pairs
Difficulty choosing objects in the dark
Starting to look like you're looking through a blurry glass
Difficulty in choosing colors
Difficulties that may arise when driving
Changing the eyeglass numbers continuously while using glasses is among the symptoms of cataract.
In this disease, only with the advice of your ophthalmologist, you can prevent the progression of the disease with the advice listed above. You should contact your ophthalmologist immediately if you have any of the smallest possible side effects and get more detailed information about the treatment methods that can be applied.

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