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Thursday, July 25, 2019

If You Have Sciatica or Back Pain, Take This Remedy and You’ll Never Suffer Again!

The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the body. The sciatic nerve begins at the back of the hip bone in the lumbar region and extends from the back of the thigh bone to the string. Our entire Walking mechanism depends on this nerve. The sciatic nerve that emerges from the waist can be damaged after a fall, various traumas, bone fractures in the leg, diabetic causes or various surgeries. A long nerve is caused by a process much more painful than the problem created by an ordinary nerve. As you sit, Get Up, Go to bed while you walk, so you have to go to the restriction every time you move without exception. Your quality of life is pretty low. If you have early intervention with your doctor, you can recover without the need for a surgical procedure.

If this nerve is trapped, you will suffer severe pain from the lower back, the hip, the back of the thigh, the side of the foot and the heel. Pain is usually accompanied by drowsiness.

Experts believe sciatic pain is not a disease or disorder, but another symptom that affects your nerve, such as a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease or narrowing of the spinal canal.

Here are 3 simple massage suggestions to ease sciatic pain naturally:

Relax the sciatic nerve

Lie on a hard floor. Floor with a tennis ball between the painful area and squeeze. Make circular movements to massage the aching area. Continue the massage for 10 seconds, take a short break and repeat.

Massage, rest and repeat for 10 seconds.

Automatic rear massage

Stand against the wall. Put a tennis ball between the wall and the painful area in your body. Massage in circular motion.

Massage to stretch neck and chest

Put your hands behind your back and lift your head gently to do as the neck stretches. The back should stand straight and the abdomen should be firm. Wait like this for half a minute. Take a 10-second break and repeat the same process.

The shortest way to get rid of this pain is the exercise of flexing the muscles below! Repeat this action 10 times. You'll suddenly feel better.

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