Thursday, July 25, 2019


10 things couples who love each other do

Life with him is more fun, more loving, and when you do a lot of things together, it's easier now!

1-share the shower
As your relationship progresses, you start showering together. You scrub each other's backs and even shampoo each other's hair. You wouldn't mind cutting each other's feet.

2-watching the same sequence in different places
You'll both be watching the same series (maybe one of you is at work, the other is at home) and texting each other – to make sure your lover is watching.

3-occupy certain places in bed with certain positions
Which couple doesn't determine his side of the bed? Couples understand their lover's needs for a quality night's sleep. Length has nothing to do with it. When your small body confines a large mass of men to one end of the bed, there is no point in the rules of physics anymore!

When you fall asleep while hugging, there is always a point in the middle of the night where your lover sneaks his arm or you both wake up and move, but even when you walk away, you're definitely worth a leg or two. This move is indicative of what he likes to hold you and you; it would be a little thoughtless to ask for all night long.

5-choosing where and what to eat
When the man asks where and what we want to eat, we have to stop saying’ it doesn't matter'. Your man knows it's a lie! He mostly knows what you're going to choose, but if you're suffering from something different, he won't be able to make the final decision. And when he says you're going to this place or this place, he's just saying that to see what you're going to react to.

If he really likes you, the choice of restaurant will easily resolve your habits.

6-making each other laugh
Making the lover laugh is very important. There's nothing sweeter than being able to understand your sense of humour, fulfilling your joy during the day, is there? No matter what he's going through, he's going to need you to be able to laugh – so that he knows everything will be fine!

7-changing clothes next to each other
Whether you live together or not, a moment will surely come when you change your clothes in front of your girl or boyfriend. Looking for socks for your boyfriend, helping him zip up... it's pretty helpful to have him with you – especially when you can't be sure if you're looking good.

8-happy seeing the known days
Menstrual day. For women, it's physically and emotionally painful, and for men, it's emotional ordeal. The first 3 days can be really annoying sometimes. If your man is devoted to you, he does not take your shouting, crying, insults seriously. For a few days, he'll know you've turned into a completely different person. And he always asks if you need anything: do you want chocolate? Do you have a pad? Should I massage your belly?

9-choose the best topics when you go out
Going out alone is a great thing. You get dressed, you do your hair; your lover shaves, fixes his hair and looks incredible inside his leather jacket. What about the topics you'll bet on when you sit at the table for dinner? New series to watch, workplace gossip, friend Gossip, family matters, holiday plans, etc. It's great that ordinary things get valued in a relationship.

10-making pillow talk
It's not about Pillow Talk after overly intimate moments; it's about conversations you have at the end of a long day, lying down together. You ask each other how your day goes and how you feel. And you fall asleep in each other's arms.

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