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Monday, July 1, 2019

10 Reliable Home Remedies for Corns and Calluses

The answers to the question How to pass the calluses on the foot, how to remove the calluses are among the most sought-after questions in the internet in recent days. You can get a chance to improve the problem of calluses that interrupt your daily life with the methods we will give you. Calluses appear as thickened, yellowish skin spots caused by repeated friction or pressure. It develops as a natural defense to protect the skin tissue of your body.

Painful, it is not impossible to get rid of Calluses. Therefore, we can give you the answer to the question of how Calluses pass in the form of Natural Methods. Here are the answers to the question of how to pass the Calluses, how to remove the Calluses…

Why Calluses?

Recurring pressure or friction is the main cause of Calluses. However, there are a number of factors that lead to this friction. Here are the factors that cause Nazareth. 

Among the causes of Calluses is friction and pressure in the first place. The causes of friction are::

Proper footwear is not preferred: shoes that wrap your foot too tightly may cause friction with your foot over time. The right shoe choice is very important.

Wearing high heels: Heels can cause friction as they will put pressure on your foot even when you are not walking.

Walking barefoot: walking barefoot for a long time can cause friction in your feet due to pressure. This condition hardens the skin and prepares the ground for the formation of Calluses.

Foot deformations: another cause of Calluses formation in foot deformations due to various causes.

Using heavy equipment: one of the factors that causes Calluses in the hands is the use of heavy equipment in the gym.

Playing a musical instrument: calluses can form in your hands as a result of playing a musical instrument due to the fact that you operate your hands continuously.

Posture disorder: irregular walks and posture disorder can cause Nazareth in the person.

Symptoms of Calluses 
- Thickened and yellowed area on the skin surface
- Skin pain and tenderness
Dry skin
how to prevent calluses in the foot?

-By finding the factors that cause pressure and friction, these factors try to eliminate.
- Make sure you wear comfortable shoes. You can use extra padding, especially in areas where the pressure is too high.
Keep your feet clean and moisturize constantly.
- Don't walk barefoot.
- Take care to rest your feet regularly.

How do you get the calluses on your feet?

Instead of using drugs on the market to destroy Calluses, you may choose to try natural methods that are specific to you at home. Our article contains natural treatment methods that you can apply at home, do not pass without an eye.

Method 1: Use with Epsom salt and pump stone

How the calluses in the foot pass

Epsom salt and pump Stone are among the methods you can apply in the treatment of Calluses. Epsom salt has a structure that prevents foot odor due to the substances contained in it.

Required materials:

-4 tbsp epsom salt
-1 litre Lukewarm water
-Pumice stone

How is it done?

How the calluses in the foot pass

1.step: pour a litre of water into the tub, pour epsom stone into it and stir until melted.

2.step: leave your feet in the water for 30 minutes.

3.step: rub the softened areas with pumice stone after removing your feet from the water.

4.step: rinse your feet with water, dry them with a clean towel and apply moisturizer.

Method 2: be treated with apple cider vinegar

How the calluses in the foot pass
The ingredients in apple cider vinegar treat the hardened level of Calluses. You can get rid of Calluses using this method regularly.

Required materials:
-Apple cider vinegar
-Medical tape

How is it done?

1.step: wet the apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball and place it over the area with calluses on the heel.

2.step: cover the cotton ball with tape and leave overnight.

3.step: rub dead skin in the morning with pumice stone.

4.step: you should repeat this process every day until Calluses disappear.

Method 3: Apply banana peel

How the calluses in the foot pass
After eating the banana, which is a delicious fruit you consume, you can use it as a peeling instead of throwing it in the trash. Use with the banana peel will be enough. This method is also preferred in the treatment of Calluses.

Required materials:

-1 piece banana peel

How is it done?

1.step: place the banana you robbed on top of the area with calluses.

2.step: put socks on it and wait like this for a night or rub the Nazarene with banana peel.

3.step: repeat this process until Calluses disappear.