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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Natural Remedy for Nail Fungus

Fungi that occur on the toe usually develop due to environmental factors.

Examples of environmental factors, humidity, high temperatures, long standing, indoor and non-air footwear such as wearing habits, standing or nail fungus can cause.

However, you will now be able to treat this problem at home in natural ways.

Tea tree oil

Apply the tea tree oil, which you can find in the transfers or markets, to the problematic area with cotton before going to bed at night.

 Only after you apply the oil of tea tree feet must provide air.

White vinegar and garlic

Crush two garlic cloves.  Then mix two tablespoons of white vinegar. Finally, apply it to your fingernail and close it thoroughly. You can continue to do this until your nails are renewed.

Circular water method

Add a tablespoon of water or vinegar into a bucket where you can place your foot. Keep your feet in this water for 20 or 30 minutes before going to sleep every night.

Finally, dry your feet with a clean towel.  Be sure to wear shoes with your nails in the daytime.