Thursday, June 6, 2019


Plants are extremely useful for your health as they will help in preparing a decorative room. Some of them are known for their soothing and cleansing effects and can improve your sleep quality. For a better sleep, you should keep these 10 plants in your bedroom. 

It will activate your senses as well as the pleasant smell of jasmine. According to a study, Jasmine smell, a more peaceful transition to sleep, decreased anxiety and mental performance to play a major role in the development of. In addition, Yasemin is a plant that will look magnificent in front of your window.

Areka Palm
This plant cleans the air, removes toxins and carbon dioxide. It is also especially useful during the winter months when your heating system dries the air, using the ability to air lots of moisture.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera, which has healing ability, is the most effective herb to help remove potentially dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde. Usually the exact opposite of other plants, emits oxygen at night. It also releases essential substances that positively affect your immunity.

You've probably noticed that lavender has a disturbing effect on anxiety and stress. How about putting your little lavender bags under your pillow? The smell of lavender fills your room and helps you sleep like a baby. Further research has shown that lavender reduces crying in infants and can help the baby and the mother sleep better.

Sailing flower
When you bring this plant to the bedroom, it will help for a more peaceful night's sleep. All you have to pay attention to is that you may need to keep this plant away from the sun directly. Because it can cause the plant to fade. Also, make sure that you properly moisten the soil.

 Ribbon flower
The ribbon plant is another plant that cleans toxins from the air and helps you sleep well. In addition, this plant removes the bad odors that occur in your room. In 24 hours, it will absorb and destroy almost all the carbonmonoxides.

Benjamina is air-purifying plant number one. It eliminates more than 70% of benzene, ammonia, toluene and other harmful substances in the air. It processes all these compounds and also destroys half of the present microbes. It will improve the quality of your sleep and will look really good in the bedroom.

Pasha Sword
This plant is good for your respiratory and immune system. Helps reduce headaches and high blood pressure. It produces oxygen like aloe vera and emits carbon dioxide from the air at night. Your sleep will be more comfortable thanks to the passageway sword in your bedroom. 

 Love Ladder
The love ladder is rich in essential oils, flavonoids and other ingredients. Therefore, this flower will be an excellent organizer for your nervous system and will help you cope with stress.

If you want a plant that looks great and smells good, Gardena is perfect for you. But there is also an advantage: reducing stress helps you sleep better. Gardenia has a natural calming effect.