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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Be Careful: Your Body Alerts These 6 Symptoms Before a Heart Attack (stroke) - amazing health and fitness secrets....

1 - fatigue
We all feel tired sometimes. This is perfectly normal,. But if you're tired on your way to the store, you have to stop and think about it.

In addition, if you are suddenly and quickly breathing, you need to see a doctor immediately and have an EKG. If you are a stressful person and your heart health is not very good, you are at risk of having a heart attack at any time.

2 - Chest Pain
One of the most important symptoms of a heart attack is chest pain or compression.

Pain similar to chest pain can occur in various parts of the body. Especially the pain in the arms (left armpit is also one of these regions) should be considered. On the other hand, similar pain can be seen in your throat, neck, chin, back and abdomen. The pain usually lasts for 15 minutes.

3 - respiratory distress
Before a heart attack, shortness of breath and shortness of breath are experienced. The main reason for this is that the blood cannot go to your lungs because your veins are blocked.

If you have shortness of breath, you should see a doctor immediately.

4 - lack of concentration
If you feel tired and weak often, it may be because your lungs don't get enough blood. People with chronic fatigue syndrome often have a risk of heart attack.

5 - dizziness and cold sweats
Excessive sweating is one of the symptoms of a heart attack. If you are sweating too often, you are advised to see a doctor.

The reason for the dizziness is usually not enough blood to the brain.

6 - flu/colds
Do you have high fever, severe coughing, and abnormally cold? Not to worry, these are not direct symptoms of a heart attack.

However, it is important to know that these are the symptoms before the heart attack. Absolutely must be taken into account.

7 - hair loss
One of the early signs of a heart attack is hair loss. In general, this symptom is seen in men over 50 years of age in women are also observed.

A doctor told ABC News that it was caused by unhealthy blood circulation.

8-irregular pulse
The pulse may burst irregularly for 1-2 minutes. If he doesn't return to normal, you'il feel dizzy and tired. If this is repeated, consult your doctor.