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Monday, June 3, 2019

A stiff neck and tight shoulders are very well known issues for many of us

With good posture, exercise and proper body mechanics, it is possible to avoid neck pain. Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Work Alptekin, the ideal to maintain weight, a smooth posture, car and workplace seat well set as well as general tips, as well as exercises that strengthen the neck told:

Range of motion for the neck
1-neck exercises while properly keeping the neck is important. For this reason, before all exercises, pull your head and neck straight back and see exactly the opposite. 
2 - bend your head forward, both shoulder and turn towards both sides. Repeat the movement slowly and 10 times until the pain limit.
3 - shoulder back Assembly: this movement is done to correct the stiffening of the chest muscles due to stopping and sitting in the bad position and neck back group and shoulder muscles. Both shoulders are raised up and joined in the back. The motion is repeated 20 times.

Strengthen your muscles
1 - strengthening neck muscles: put your hand on your forehead, try to prevent your head from leaning forward by giving resistance by hand on your forehead. Repeat the movement by placing your hand on the neck and pushing the head back and putting your hand on both sides of the head and touching the shoulders.
2 - shoulder junctions strengthening: one of the major causes of neck pain due to posture disorders of the neck, back group and shoulder muscles stretched and weakened over time. Therefore, shoulder exercises are very important. Hands on the chest, nose, and head are pushed together and pulled. Count each movement up to 10 and repeat it 10 times.
3 - raise both shoulders up and try to merge them in the back. Wait a few seconds this way. Then, lower your shoulder and relax. Repeat the movement several times.

Stretching exercises
1 - neck muscles stretching: tense and short neck muscles are the common causes of neck pain. Tilt your head towards your shoulder, try to touch your head with the help of the hand on the same side. After holding this position for 10 seconds, repeat the movement with your other shoulder.
2 - chest muscles stretching: stand against a wall. Put both hands against the wall. Bend forward without lifting your heels. After doing this move, lie down on your back, put your two hands under your head, push your chest forward while pushing your elbows to the ground.
Hernia or eclipse?
Dr. Work Alptekin, neck hernia, the patient usually said, " my neck was held." But for the right diagnosis, it is essential to look at the reason behind the subjugation. Because sometimes it causes a simple spasm or a pillow to be held, and sometimes it can be responsible hernia. For this reason, those who complain of neck retention should immediately apply to a doctor.
So what causes this unless it's a simple eclipse? According to Alptekin, lifting heavy, wrong sport, wrong posture, wrong posture, bad travel conditions, high pillow causes. Alptekin draws attention to an important detail about the eclipses: "it should not be neglected if it is repeated frequently. Causes permanent problems in the neck."
If you're complaining about neck stiffness and pain, Listen to Alptekin: 

Adjust the monitor under the eye level.
Don't try to keep your head down for too long.
Exercise regularly to the neck muscles.
Do not sit in front of the television by sliding over the sofa and the sofa.
Do not use too high pillows. Choose orthopedic pads.
Don't sleep with wet hair.
Consult a specialist without delay.