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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Quick Look In The Toilet Can Tell You If You’re Healthy!

Your stool is hard, hard to come out and comes in small pieces…
If your stools are hard and hard, you're probably constipated. Your fiber intake
it might be a good idea to raise it. An adult woman's daily fiber requirement is 25 grams, and men's 38 grams.
it's gram. Make a note of what you eat every day to check how much fiber you get
you can. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, cereals and seeds in terms of fiber
try eating rich foods. Drinking plenty of water is also important in this process.
our article entitled foods can also help you).
Your stool isn't like diarrhea, but it's very soft.…
If you are being defecated every day in such a way that you are very soft and close to diarrhea, and
fatigue is accompanied by symptoms such as pain and depression if being a celiac
you have the possibility. This is the way to defecate, that your gut can't tear the gluten out of your Rahan.
shows (what is celiac disease? How should I feed? read our article entitled
(recommended)). Check with your doctor if you have any of these symptoms. You gluten free diet
he can suggest the program.
If your feces are floating instead of sinking…
If you see your feces floating in the toilet instead of sinking, that's probably the reason.
excess gas in your intestines. If too much beans, lentils, cabbage
if you are eating foods that make gas, it is normal to have this appearance and you will be worried about it.
there is nothing. On the other hand, when you urinate, you see a greasy layer, or your stools are sucked into the toilet.
if it sticks, we might think you're feeding a little too much fat. Some oil intake
you can reduce it. If this becomes a long lasting situation, whether there is another problem
to understand the doctor should go to the stool test.
If your stool smells bad and you're diarrhea…
Giardia intestinal parasite
infection (Giardiazis). This parasite is usually transmitted by water. For example,
from a lake or pool you swim, this parasite from water you drink is not purified enough.
you may receive. This parasite sometimes does not manifest itself for a long time, symptoms weeks after
he can even go out. If you are experiencing this condition, make sure you go to the doctor and stool tests.
what you should do. It may be necessary to use antibiotics for treatment.
Your feces are very thin.…
If your bowel sounds thin like a pencil, it may be caused by constipation and in this case fiber
just increase your intake. However, if this continues for too long
it can be thought to be related to cancer. The way the tumor is found in the bowel
it can clog it and cause it to come out like this. If you suspect such a situation
we advise you to consult your doctor as soon as possible. The reason for colonoscopy can be learned.
If your stool is liquid and green color…
If you are excreting green and liquid, this is because the medicine is called clostridium difficile.
it could be a dangerous bacteria. The most important cause of this bacterium is the unconscious antibiotic
the use of. When you use unnecessarily and over-the-counter antibiotics, it is useful in the intestines.
bacteria are disappearing and preparing zernin for the formation of bacteria like this. This bacteria
it causes diarrhea and Colitis. Such symptoms suggest your doctor to recommend the default.
If your stool is black or red…
If your stool is black or red, it means there's blood in your stool, and that's it.
it makes you think there's a possibility of internal bleeding due to ulcers or colon cancer. Such a situation
we recommend that you inform your doctor immediately. See some blood in the toilet
sometimes associated with hemorrhoids.