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Saturday, June 22, 2019

5 Drinks To Cleanse The Kidneys And Improve Blood Circulation

How can I prepare this drink?
By preparing this drink at home, you can improve your health and also clean your liver with digestive system. It is a great alternative for those who don't want to drink plain water because citrus adds a delicious taste to the water. It also helps to moisturize, lose weight and strengthen skin health.

5 glasses of water (1.25 liters))
1 lemon
1 lime
1 orange oranges
10 mint leaves
1 tablespoon vinegar or carbonate (10 g))
Mix vinegar or carbonates with water and wash the skins of fruits with this mixture.
Lemon, lime and orange slice.
Put the berries in a pitcher and add the mint with 5 glasses of water.
Leave it for at least two hours, preferably overnight.
For a glass the next day before breakfast. Then two or three glasses a day.
Apply this cleanser for one week, then take a break for two weeks.
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Although this drink is a great help for healthy kidneys, we should not forget that its effects depend on our other lifestyle choices. You should improve your diet and reduce the consumption of foods rich in oxalate, such as coffee, sodas, dried fruits and cocoa.

Also, it's not just to prevent kidney stones, the intake of vitamin C to protect the entire urinary tract is very important.  Blueberries are also a good option to be included in the diet because they have high antioxidant content as well as vitamins and minerals.

For 8 glasses of water per day. If you do not want to drink plain water, you can add fruit into it. If you have a kidney disease or you are taking a special medicine, it is very important that you consult your doctor before taking this drink.