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Sunday, June 9, 2019

20 Natural Toothache Remedies

What can be done at home for toothache? Natural remedies for tooth pain…

Brush your teeth and remove food debris; one of the main causes of toothache is food residue and bacteria ' effect on nerves. The residues that are not cleaned after the meal turn into acids and put pressure on the nerves and cause pain. At the same time consumed starch and sugary foods are not cleaned over time becomes bacteria. It is important to brush your teeth after meals to remove bacteria and debris from your gums and gums without losing time.

Use toothpastes and floss; clean food debris from the toothpast that you disinfected with Cologne and alcohol in case of emergency when you cannot brush your teeth.

Use pillows while lying down; toothache usually comes at night. And it goes on for a long time. This is because the pressure is in the supine position and throbbing of the jaw area. The solution would also be to use a high cushion.

the solution to tooth pain

Apply ice to the sore area; pain and painful wounds as an effective solution in many ice is one of the factors that help dental pain. The cheek where the aching tooth is located should be applied to a towel or ice wrapped in a cloth. Direct contact with ice may result in poor results.

In the same way, hot application alleviates tooth pain. Hot water compresses and hot water churning in the mouth is a useful solution to alleviate the pain.

Rinse with salt water or grape vinegar; one of the short-term solutions, salty water or vinegar mouthwash relieves tooth pain and at least relax for a while, allows the teeth to match.

Garlic is also a remedy for toothache, which is quite successful in getting inflammation. 2 grind garlic and apply it to cover the aching tooth. Garlic waiting for a while will take pain and will break the bacteria that cause pain.

Pain relief with fresh cucumber; rub the slice of cucumber is placed over the outside with the salt at room temperature, and for a while suspended.

Mouthwash with oxygen; water diluted with water can be used in the form of mouthwash by shaking.

With vanilla, almond, mint and lemon extract, you can brush and buffer the plant extracts with the help of a cotton.

Massage with tea tree oil; tea tree oil, an effective solution for toothache, can be used in two ways. First, by soaking a cotton pad with a few drops of the tooth can be applied. Second, a drip of water in the mouth can calkalanab of warm water for a while.

With clove and clove oil, relieve your pain; clove grains are as good as mouth odors, and also good in treating teeth and alleviating pain. The clove that has been chewed for 4-5 minutes in the area where the aching tooth is located will be effective in a short time. Clove oil applied to the tooth by adding on a cotton will give a much more effective result.

The solution with carbonate is added to some warm water and mouthwash is made. Another form of use is the application of the tooth by dipping wet cotton.

Ginger and cayenne pepper cure; powder of both spices is brought to the paste consistency with a drop of water and applied to the painful region. In addition to toothache, this cure has an amazing effect on sore throat.