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Thursday, June 13, 2019

10 Exercises Are More Effective Than Running

Sport also has Trends and fashions in itself. When you say yoga, Pilates, spinning, cross-fit, there's a new trend every day. Famous sports instructors recommend simple, sustainable and modifiable movements. By: Good Health News

America's famous athletes have voted to choose the most effective exercises that anyone can take advantage of for life. 

Here are 8 exercises from the list described by US news:
Walking your favorite selection with everyone's unanimous vote! Walking is an exercise that you can combine for other purposes, you don't need to be a member of a gym, and it can be done by people of all ages, in any condition. In addition to many health benefits, it is known that high blood pressure is good and reduces the symptoms of depression. 
If you want to do a more active sport than walking, try running, addictive! Running strengthens the legs and abdominal area, helping your heart to burn more calories, even when your body is not active all day long. Running is one of the most effective sports you can do to keep your aging body active and fit. 
One of the most basic movements, squat is very effective in shaping the hips and legs, as well as contains many benefits for health: it strengthens the muscles and prevents injuries to the waist, hips, knees and ankles, and increases flexibility and balance.
Swimming is one of the most ideal exercises for people of all ages. Both a good cardio exercise that speeds up your heart rate and water resistance strengthens your muscles. As water carries your weight while swimming, it does not load on your joints as it does many other exercises, so there is no risk of injury. 
Push-ups are a very effective exercise that runs the whole body. The upper body, legs and abdominal muscles are completely engaged when you are doing push-ups. If you are just starting your knees on the ground, if you want to make it difficult, you can put your feet on a high ground.
Plank is known as a movement for the abdominal region, but it provides many benefits: it strengthens your abdominal muscles internally, exercises your shoulders and back muscles, is effective for balance and posture disorders. If you want to get started easily, lift your legs one by one to make it harder on a surface that is inclined upward. The longer you are exposed, the greater the difficulty and the effect of movement.
Although it's not easy, barfix is an exercise that people of all ages can benefit from. By lifting the weight of your own body, you strengthen your entire body, arms, shoulders, back, abdominal muscles and hands. 
It is very important for you to be flexible, healthy, and protected from injury.
Healthy eating
The most important part of any exercise program is a healthy and balanced diet. It is essential to prioritize nutrition in order to get results on entering the form. No matter how much exercise you do, it's hard to get results unless you eat healthy. A balanced eating style that includes vegetables, fruits, adequate protein, healthy fats and whole grains helps you get the best results from your exercise program.