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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Treatment and prevention of vaginal yeast infection - every woman should know these tricks

Natural treatment methods for vaginal yeast

Almost every woman has found great solutions to vaginitis, a nightmare where she lives at least once.  The most common type of vaginal yeast is Candida albicans. Another one is Torulopsis glabrat.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection

It usually increases at times when resistance falls and causes various ailments.
The most common symptom of fungal infection is itching. It causes many itching and swelling depending on it to affect daily life.  Vaginal discharge is cut off (as people call it cheese) that sometimes can cause odor.

Vaginal yeast formation conditions

As we said at first, the decrease in body resistance is the most common. However,

-Hormone use
- Use of birth control pills
-Cotton-free (nylon) underwear
- Weight gain
- Cervical lesions.
- Increased consumption of sugary food
-Continuous pad use provides the appropriate environment for vaginal fungus.

Herbal treatments for vaginal yeast treatment

While most of us abstain from taking medication, it is time to suggest herbal remedies for vaginal yeast treatment. However, first of all, we strongly warn that before you apply, you still consult a doctor. Although most of this information has been tried and worked, it is certainly unreliable in a matter of Medicine.

After making the necessary stimulus to our treatment methods let's come to

Natural honey to vagina once a day,
-To boost the immune system echinacea, garlic and golden seal herb consume,
- Add sage and thyme tea to bath water,
- Drinking velvet flower tea (not more than three times a day)),
Tea tree oil rides,
- Consuming plenty of yogurt (especially home yogurt),
- To take a bath in the vaginal area with grape vinegar,
- Drink iron tea (twice a day).

Do not choose any method of medication or treatment given by the doctor. Never try without consulting a doctor.